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  1. partssmann

    The clutch and my foot, and the floor mat? And something!

    Congrats on your GT purchase. In short order you will learn all the quirks of our GTs and enjoy every minute of your drives.
  2. partssmann

    Camilo and Jay Leno

    Great video, really enjoyed hearing some of the details of the GT I had not heard of before. Sounds like Jay needs a new battery in his GT based on weak cranking at start-up.
  3. partssmann

    New GT Owner - Black no stripe

    Another congrats and welcome to the Forum. Wealth of information hear and you are in good hands having Kendall service your GT.
  4. partssmann

    Cars & Coffee GT Event

    Thanks for posting the pics of the Florida Mini Rally. Congrats on a great turnout and to the new GT owner.
  5. partssmann

    Cars & Coffee GT Event

    Looks like a great event. Please post photos for the rest of us to enjoy.
  6. partssmann

    2019 Rally

    My apologizes to Vegas and its GT members. Consider adding a Scottsdale AZ visit as we have a Cars & Coffee (C&C) every first Saturday of the month that you will be impressed with. I believe Houston also has a great C&C and you should consider scheduling your stops at cities with great C&Cs.
  7. partssmann

    2019 Rally

    Forget Vegas, come to Phoenix/Scottsdale.
  8. partssmann

    turning photos into art

    Way cool, send high res photo to Costco for metal print.
  9. partssmann

    New toy while waiting on my GT letter

    Congrats on the Boss 302 purchase. I will sell every car I have one day but my Boss 302 will always stay with me. After over 40 years of ownership still puts a smile on my face when I take it out for a drive.
  10. partssmann

    Look who showed up at the Tour D’Elegance

    Very cool to see Camilo and his NGT. Owning our GTs are made up of several surprise moments we never forget.
  11. partssmann

    I need a new Speedometer.

    Here is link to Kendall's website
  12. partssmann

    69 BOSS 302

    My stock 70 Boss 302 sounds good but nothing like what was posted in videos above. Sounds wicked, what are the specs on that built motor?
  13. partssmann

    I need a new Speedometer.

    Or send to Kendall at Cooltech for repair.
  14. partssmann

    Any Midnight Blue, QuickSilver or Black cars available?

    Looks like your son is already saying to himself that this car will be mine one day.
  15. partssmann

    Any Midnight Blue, QuickSilver or Black cars available?

    Another congrats as we all remember that day we purchased our dream car. In fact there is a post here on the forum of a photo of the day we all got our GTs. Suggest you add your photo.
  16. partssmann

    Chris Theodore’s garage at M1

    I had this thought of tracking down the Cobra concept for purchase years ago and realized it was unatainium. Then one day saw it up for auction and sold on big bundle of cash. Had no idea it had been rendered un-drivable for a museum display. Happy to see it was returned to service despite the...
  17. partssmann


    Holy !!/??/!! Batman! What an achievement and hats off to Mark, man of steel where it counts.
  18. partssmann

    NGT K090 is hear after 2 1/2 wait.

    Another great looking NGT. Did you have to buy your wife that good looking T-Bird to get approval on the NGT?
  19. partssmann

    Ford GT SAE Event April 5, 2017 Video

    Can anybody direct me to link of the subject video?
  20. partssmann

    Happy Birthday Chip Beck..!!

    Another Bday to celebrate although many of us stopped counting. Have a great day!