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    Formula 1 on Netflix

    A reminder..... Season 3 of Formula 1 is up on Netflix as of Friday.
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    Heritage blue spray paint

    I have been considering giving my Toyota forklift a bit of a paint upgrade. It is currently a factory orange with plenty of patina. I’m looking to spray the engine cover in gulf blue and give it the patina look to match. Does anyone know of an off the shelf spray paint that would approximate...
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    Camper for a Raptor

    Anyone have any experience travelling with a camper (pop-up or otherwise) in your Raptor? I’ve been tossing this idea around for several years now and have gone online to research it. Lots of promotional or funded/biased reviews. I realize the Raptor is not the ideal unit for this but for week...
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    Wiper inserts

    Thought I’d pass this along. I was not willing to replace my entire stock blade assembly so I was able to replace just the wiper inserts on my ‘05 with “TRIDON AS-24T.” Although they are all black plastic and do not have the stainless sliders of the originals they fit perfectly. It’s...
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    Trouble updating NGT application

    I have run into a road block whilst attempting to update my application. I cant seem to get my “average annual mileage” or “fleet vehicle “ info accepted...the rest of the info up to that point seems to be accepted. The form tells me an error has occurred in these areas (they become highlighted...
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    Lamborghini Huracan bronze wheel

    As there are a lot of Lamborghini owners here on the forum I am hoping someone can tell me what the Performante Narvi 20” bronze wheel color is. I am unsure if it is actually paint or powder coat but I’m looking for the code either way so I can duplicate it in PC. Thanks in advance.
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    ‘06 GTs @ Shady Dana's House of Sleaze (Title Presented by DBK)

    There are two 06 gt wrapper cars being sold at a group of 11 cars coming down from a large stellar muscle collection in Calgary. Catalogue # S122. Both are one original owner. One red, one black
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    Cracked rear glass replacement

    So......It appears I may finally have some time to tackle replacement of my cracked rear glass ( UT Rally)during the holiday season. Before I start, has anyone undertaken this task and if so would you have any advice to make the process a smooth one. (Headliner removal,window trim removal...
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    Cracked rear glass many Rally attendees are aware we experienced around 5-6 rear bulkhead glass fractures at the Rally. Mine failed while on the way to the track on the interstate. Several suggestions have surfaced as to the cause; heat, altitude, and stress are the most common. None of these apply to my...
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    Mayweather / McGregor match

    So the fight is on the 26th (last day of the Rally)....anyone aware of a venue big-screening the fight ? Any interest out there.... Maybe we can set up a group viewing.
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    Cranky Ape gt

    Anyone know anything about the '05 on Cranky Ape? I'm not interested in bidding on it.....just curious.
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    Goodies from Trent

    I will be in Calgary on Wed enroute to Austin and plan on stopping by Trent's shop. If any forum members have anything that requires delivery from Trent I will be glad to drag it down to Austin with me as long as it fits in my suitcase or can be carried onboard. Feel free to PM me.
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    Rally 9 pic stick

    I've experienced had a recent break-in and among other things my mem-stick for R9 was stolen along Steve's info....Would someone mind forwarding his contact info?. Thanks, Rick
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    Roush Raptor tune

    I had a Rousch Stage 2 package installed on my '14 Raptor when I took delivery of it at the dealership. Now after 60,000 Kim's I am finding the performance a little underwhelming. I'm considering having a reputable tuner shop perform a pulley/tune upgrade....they are telling me to expect an...
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    BJ Heritage

    A wrapper Canadian Heritage is on the docket at BJ this weekend. It is a pristine no stories one owner car. I know the unit personally and it is the real deal owned by a great guy. Let's start the guessing... I'll go first at $555k USD. plus comm.
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    2016 Jaguar F-type

    I'm seriously considering picking up a new AWD F-type coupe for my wife. I realize the 16's are fresh on the market so there aren't many around yet but is there anyone here who has one or has spent some real world time with one and can give an honest review on the car and all it has to...
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    BBS optional wheels

    I'm still looking for one mint rear and one mint front GT BBS " spider" wheel. I'll consider a complete set as well.
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    gt parts value I am witnessing the escalating values of the gt parts that occasionally show up on the forum I begin to wonder.....has anyone done the math on what a low mileage running gt would currently be worth if it were to be entirely parted out vs it's current value as a minty DD? (slow day at...
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    Jimglo trailer

    My son and I had a look at the Jimglo trailer exhibit at BJ again this year and I've decided it may be time to upgrade. Has anyone out there got experience with the enclosed version...specifically the Elite model? I'm considering the 22' version as my current 20' is a little short if you haul...
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    Rally 9 coffee table book

    Looks like I fell asleep at the wheel and didn't get my order in....will there be an opportunity to order the R9 coffee table book yet?