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  1. DBK

    Technical reason why our NFGT's can't stay in track mode

    Well the car certainly undoubtedly looks cooler in track mode. It's just not possible to make it the default setting because of the way the car works. Most cars you have to weigh a bunch of considerations in what you're willing to trade to get ride height and suspension performance...
  2. DBK

    Technical reason why our NFGT's can't stay in track mode

    There is no workaround. You could pay someone to screw your car up trying. That’s it. I do not recommend. The suspension’s “at rest” mode is the “normal” setting. Track mode is achieved by compressing the car’s secondary springs using hydraulic pressure, which can only be accomplished when...
  3. DBK

    Can anybody tell me what this is?

    The dead pedal accessory is unnecessary unless you are on the shorter side.
  4. DBK

    Can anybody tell me what this is?

    Holes for dead pedal accessory.
  5. DBK

    Short Throw Shifter

    I also prefer the stock shifter. Short throw reminded me more of when I used to build cars to drag race them.
  6. DBK

    $8000 brake job?

    The brake pads are not $8,000 in the U.S. They are about $2000 for the fronts and $1500 for the rears. I assume Tim's market just has some type of particularly punitive cost. That is still a comically high price for brake pads. You have to understand though, the program is essentially...
  7. DBK

    Throwback to the SALEEN School of Speed Autocross Event during the GT Rally

    You guys could just tag Piana and ask him how hard he worked and for what duration of time so you can determine if you'll sanction what he does with a car. Use the @ symbol before his username and just let him know you need to talk.
  8. DBK

    New shocks from Ahlman Engineering

    Scott's shock setup really is the best addition you can make to the GT. That is my professional opinion. The vehicle dynamics are improved so dramatically.
  9. DBK


    If anyone has unused OEM Goodyears, I am in need of a couple sets.
  10. DBK

    Cantrell Holdings, Ltd

    Definitely in the Top 5 most annoying things about owning a GT over the last 10+ years.
  11. DBK

    2021 Sebring

    Unfortunately there will be no reconsidering. That ship has long sailed.
  12. DBK

    Just Curious........

    No. At least not unless you removed the hydraulic wing assembly.
  13. DBK

    A Reminder

    Since there are lots of newer members: Car Wrecks Please note, it has been the long term policy of Ford GT Forum that we do not post pictures and videos of car accidents or damage to other people's GTs. This policy has grown less relevant over time, but when the GT was less of a collector's...
  14. DBK

    Build Books

    These books will never be available.
  15. DBK

    The Bronco Thread

    The Bronco Sport is actually really nice for what it is. I got in one with a $29k MSRP and that’s the first time in a long time I’ve been in a car, really any car, and thought “this is a lot of car for the money.” Clever features, nice design, very reasonable price. They will sell lots to...
  16. DBK

    Factory car covers are back

    It was a long and difficult process. Negotiations were tense. Many good men were lost. But some day, those who survived will look back and say "I was there when it happened. When real men led us to victory and got the car cover situation sorted out in only a year." You dream about seeing...
  17. DBK

    Dead battery-- easy fix 2020 NFGT

    Yes. Sometimes that process has failed to wake the car.
  18. DBK

    Has anybody removed rear wing ?

    Just raise it.
  19. DBK

    Cracked Windshield

    That area is also an area where pressure could easily crack it.