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  1. Shadowman

    Shadowman and a "new" passenger side headlight

    I was contacted today by my local Ford dealer and friend. He shared that he has a "new" passenger side headlight that he would like to move out of his inventory. He is willing to sell it at cost $2295.00 with the suggested retail price being $3825.00. If interested please let me know. FYI; I...
  2. Shadowman

    Shadowman a Holiday Wish for All

    I do hope that all have a wonderful and "safe" holiday weekend Takes care Shadowman
  3. Shadowman

    Shadowman "Another Worthy Consideration"

    For a long time there has been discussion regarding crankcase oil separators and whether such a need for them exist as well as options for those that feel it is. There is no doubt that the current design of the engines requires a close crankcase system for emission reasons and then add to this...
  4. Shadowman

    Shadowman's "Something Cool to Share"

    I want to begin by expressing my most sincere appreciate to Pe2unia aka John and his friend and very anal/particular machinist Jim as they have worked hard over the past couple years creating some wonderful personal touch pieces for the gals and now what I consider to be an extremely...
  5. Shadowman

    Shadowman SEMA Ticket

    Shadowman "Free" SEMA Ticket One "FREE" pre-paid SEMA ticket is available I/we just wanted to share that because Herb is unable to attend this year we have a "FREE" pre-paid ticket available. If you would like it PM myself or Herb Takes care Shadowman
  6. Shadowman

    Shadowman and a VIR "Thank You"

    ShadowBoy and I arrived home only a couple hours ago as we had to leave a bit early because come early Sunday morning as a family we dart out to Disneyland and yet "we" wanted to share a heartfelt thank you with everyone. I cannot express enough how much I appreciate the warmth as shared with...
  7. Shadowman

    Shadowman and a VIR East Coast Shuttle Option

    I just want to share that Kevin and Eric are at VIR with a 2 car enclosed and a single car enclosed trailer so if anyone needs a gal moved last minute let me know. They are going to remain in the area until after VIR and then begin the process of migrating the gals back to their homes. Takes...
  8. Shadowman

    Shadowman and a VIR Update

    Well, as of a couple hours ago Ed, his sweetie, his motorized gal, as well as Aloha GT's gal are all at the facility. I am told that the place is spectacular and as we were chatting they were on the upper deck of the Villa over looking the track. He shared that there is an event going on at...
  9. Shadowman

    Shadowman and One VVIR Space Available

    “Last call” for transportation arrangements from California; there is one space open so if you have not tended to the transportation of your gal and would like some assistance please let me know as I need to finalize the arrangements by the end of this week. All the best Shadowman
  10. Shadowman

    Shadowman Sharing a Few Very Cool Projects

    For the proverbial motor-head and car knut here are direct links to a few articles about just a few of the gals, other than Ford GTs that have passed through the doors of Area-51. In my world it is all about the dream and the passion as shared and then converting them/it into a well balanced...
  11. Shadowman

    Shadowman Sharing a few of the gal's that have come to visit Area-51

    Here are links to just a few of the gal's that have come and spent time with me within Area 51; hopefully through these projects you will have questions answered and just maybe get excited about massaging your gal a bit more; if there are any questions please ask. Throughout the projects as...
  12. Shadowman

    Shadowman is Looking for Some Assistance

    Are there any Forum members "other than" Deputy Sheriff "jmorken522" that live in or near Winona MN? Thank you Shadowman
  13. Shadowman

    Shadowman Wishing for all a Wonderful Holiday Weekend

    Welcome to another holiday weekend a moment in time that I hope is enjoyed by all and also a moment in time that creates a reason for those with the USA to think about what this holiday stands for. Takes care Shadowman
  14. Shadowman

    Shadowman GTX-1 Hard Top

    I have what was likely the last GTX-1 hard top has created by "G" that I would like to find a new home for. This top as designed has the removable panels over both the passenger and driver allowing one to have either a hard top or "T" top. It has never been installed and I have all of the...
  15. Shadowman

    Shadowman and the Up-Coming Weekend; a Time to Reflect

    I hope that all have a wonderful weekend and while doing so take some time to think about why we are able to do so and thank all that made/continue to make this possible. Takes care Shadowman
  16. Shadowman

    Shadowman is about to "Unleash" Ed's Beast

    Ed’s gal has came to visit this winter to have several personal touch and performance enhancements completed such as the custom front brake air duct system and a retro style exhaust. No tere is no doubt that the custom front brake air duct system was a great task to complete in a way that...
  17. Shadowman

    Shadowman and Chip's Gal aka "34" at the Texas Mile

    I have just been told that Chip pushed through the 210 MPH on his first pass; a casual pass as well; for Chip this crosses off one more of his Bucket List items. Sadly however he had a hose clamp that decided to give up the ghost after the run; a leak that was noticed as he was staging for his...
  18. Shadowman

    Shadowman and #34's Visit

    As Chip shared in another thread; he delivered his gal aka #34 to me today so I can tend to a few personal touch items as well as a stem to stern checkup as he makes ready to exercise her. It was great to have Chip visit even though the time was short; early on Chip made mention of maybe...
  19. Shadowman

    Shadowman Insuring that the Passion Continues

    Shadowboy is just as captivated by the gals as is Shadowman Takes care Shadowman
  20. Shadowman

    Shadowman and Jay aka The GT Saver

    Now for many Jay aka The GT Saver is quickly recognized and then likely soon followed with; where the heck has he been? Jay aka The GT Saver is doing fine now after having gone through a series of life altering experiences over the past 2 years during which not only have we remained in...