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  1. Shadowman

    exhaust messurements needed

    You shared that you were using an AccuFab X pipe; did I miss something? Shadowman
  2. Shadowman

    exhaust messurements needed

    Hello Tips such as shown in the picture can be used however you will have to fish month the upper portion of the tip and then hand fit them; tack them in place and then lift the assembly out and complete the perimeter weld. Takes care Shadowman
  3. Shadowman

    Happy Birthday pe2unia !!

    Happy Birthday my friend. Nothing but the best. Shadowman
  4. Shadowman

    Valve Cover Paint Code...

    Understood Often times I have the custom paint mixed and put into aerosol cans; this could be an options for you as well. Takes care Shadowman
  5. Shadowman

    Valve Cover Paint Code...

    We had to have powder/paint material mixed. Takes care Shadowman
  6. Shadowman

    Happy Birthday jaxgt !!

    A bit late to the party nonetheless "Happy Birthday" Mitchell Shadowman
  7. Shadowman

    Ford GT and Ferrari 458 playmates

    Very nice Thank you for sharing Takes care Shadowman
  8. Shadowman

    McIntosh Relocation with Mods

    Not a problem; I installed most on an aluminum panel that can be easily slipped in/out when being used. Any questions do not hesitate to ask me. Takes care Shadowman
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    Code P0171; P0174; and P1000

    Did you get the situation resolved? The P1000 code will remain as long as the others are in place as the OBDII system cannot not successfully complete the component testing processes with no issues. Takes care Shadowman
  10. Shadowman

    A big thanks and a shoutout to a great asset to our community!!

    GTED, you are very welcome. You remained relaxed taking the awkward situation in stride as we worked through it resulting in you successfully completing your drive with your sweetie. GTED, you did a great job of being my hands from afar. Thank you and everyone else for the kind words. I...
  11. Shadowman

    Cam Chain Tensioner

    Yes; I encourage a chat with John and consider upgrade cam chains and tensioners. As I recall, the primary chain would remain OEM however the 2 cam to cam chains and tensioners would be different. All the best Shadowman
  12. Shadowman

    Cam Chain Tensioner

    Yes a check valve and I would encourage replacing them while you have the motor apart. I would also encourage upgrading them; John at AccuFab would be the direction I would point you. Takes care Shadowman
  13. Shadowman

    Engine cover alignment and Exhaust Flange access?

    I will be glad to walk you through the process; it is not terribly daunting and no you will not remove the rear portion. Takes care Shadowman
  14. Shadowman

    Coolant Refill Help Needed Please

    You did a great job of remaining relaxed and focused as we walked through the troubleshooting processes. It was my pleasure to be included in your project. Thank you and takes care. Shadowman
  15. Shadowman

    Rear exit headers thermal expansion

    You can do it; just leave the exhaust installed cutting the elbow off at the weld and then a little grinding and a slight angle change will increase the clearance. If approached as a cool project rather than a must do task the process will go IMO smoothly and the results will make you smile. I...
  16. Shadowman

    Rear exit headers thermal expansion

    No easy mechanical fix because that exhast elbow comes off the cone muffler. I took one long ago and removed the elbow at the cone muffler and massaged the piece and angles creating enough thermal expansion clearance but it was a job. All others were thermal wrapped. As for Coalinga; yes I was...
  17. Shadowman

    Rear exit headers thermal expansion

    All exhaust grow in length when hot however the long tube header design that goes straight back on both sides makes it more pronounced. For example, I did thermal expansion measurements on the Stainless Works system and when extremely hot they grow in length nearly 3/4". Having shared this...
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    I enjoyed the read, thank you. Takes care Shadowman
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    Cars & Coffee in NorCal January 26 Sunday

    Nice pictures Ed, thank you for sharing. Takes care Shadowman
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    Ran a 9.39 at 151 at the 1/4 on 11-10-13

    Congratulations ... those are strong numbers Takes care Shadowman