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  1. GKW05GT

    Atlanta Area owners questions

    Being new was wondering if anyone has used AllSpeed in Peachtree city to change fluids or service. Local Ford dealer wants no part of the oil change said they would but did not like to because they were "too expensive" and did not want to damage. 2005 has 1100 miles and don't think has ever...
  2. GKW05GT

    intercity lines

    Booking these guys fro NH to GA. Any feedback on them from members? Thanks gary
  3. GKW05GT

    Looking this weekend now a new owner

    Thanks for all the help and advice on what to look for with my purchase. I really appreciate Shelby who helped me out even though it was not a sale for him. I found a perfect 1100 mile Blue with stripes 4 options. I should receive this week or first of next and can't wait to get it home and...
  4. GKW05GT

    Looking this weekend any advice

    Looking this weekend any advice update I've been lurking for several years and now is the time to jump in. I'm looking at 2 this weekend with intent to purchase. Any advice for a newbie? Thanks for all the advise and info. Think I will be an owner on Monday.