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  1. GKW05GT

    Road Atlanta

    Great start on Friday with championship finish. Good qualifying positions for today's race! Had a small forum representation but will have more today. Weather is great so looking for a strong finish.
  2. GKW05GT

    Rally 11 Poster

    This is for anyone who could not attend. All rally posters are special but this one is outstanding.:thumbsup
  3. GKW05GT

    The NFGT from another perspective

    This may have been posted before but these 47 pages covering the past 2 years on FerrariChat is very entertaining. We were well represented by several members along the way keeping the facts straight.
  4. GKW05GT

    BJ Monterey Auction

    Mecum Monterey Auction All Sold except Heritage and does not include buyers fees. Unbelievable list of high $$ cars yesterday. The GT's were on the mid/lower range of cars offered Sat afternoon!! $230,000 2006 Ford GT Image Lot F90 2006 Ford GT 7,250 miles One of Two Yellow Stripe...
  5. GKW05GT

    NFGT model

    Nothing special but cheap
  6. GKW05GT

    1st call road Atlanta

    2nd call road Atlanta We had a great showing last year but the weather was so bad the race was shortened. This year it will, I believe the last race of the season and what promises to be a strong finish to the season. Hopefully Ford will have a similar set up as last years with a car corral...
  7. GKW05GT

    Barrett Jackson GT auction–%20Prototype%20VIN%20#004
  8. GKW05GT

    OEM Clamshell vents

    Bought these from Rocketman for backups but just got the billet from John so no longer need. One side is missing 3 studs one side is missing 1 but all seem to have a base to glue in a replacement. One small chip where stud was located, 3rd vent on right bottom vent, but not really noticeable...
  9. GKW05GT

    missing bolt

    just found missing bolt/washer for side rear vents. Appears to be part # HW1 Ford Washer 1/4 X .60 HS1 Ford Screw M5 x 11MM does that appear correct and anyone have extras my Ford dealer does not have in stock?
  10. GKW05GT

    Heffner Exhaust Install

    Thanks to wmjim who orchestrated the entire process with minimal contributions from Matt and me. It was a real struggle getting the old exhaust out even with the clam shell off but putting it back together was much easier. A rewarding experience with a great look and awesome sound.
  11. GKW05GT

    ? on charging port

    I can't get the charger in the charging port as it is only about an inch deep. Don't know if I pulled the inside out when I unplugged it or what. I tried to push it back gently but though I would ask first if there is something I'm missing.
  12. GKW05GT

    The Henry

    The Henry was the perfect venue, not only close to everything but small enough where we were always together and able to really spend quality time in an easy atmosphere. It is not always possible but like Sonoma the smaller hotels really enhance the experience. Anyone attending as their first...
  13. GKW05GT

    A penny for your thoughts!!

    Thanks to Donna
  14. GKW05GT

    Ford gt billet license plate frame

    I saw this on Ebay and thought it looked nice but will probably never use on my GT. It's 1/2 think and real heavy but not like the ones sold through Ford a while back. Makes a nice wall hanger and pretty good craftsmanship. I have no idea what the whole in the top center is for. Any ideas or...
  15. GKW05GT

    Driving a Classic

    Thanks to Jim and Lynn who hosted Donna and me for a great 4 day vacation. Jim gave me the opportunity to drive one of Camilo's classic creations. Outstanding looks and a great driver.
  16. GKW05GT

    myellowc5 is leaving

    Sorry to disappoint but not really leaving but taking a more appropriate screen name. Maybe now Andy wont call me a "Chevy" guy.:lol
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    Camilos lithograph set

    What is fair price for one of these sets? Lithograph print #288 of 500.There are a total of 11 prints, each measuring 18" x 24" and printed on high quality thick paper stock.
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    Happy Birthday Chip

    Have a great day everyone counts. My Grandson and daughter-in-law's also. D&G
  19. GKW05GT

    Other forum feedback

    I know many of you guys are members of other super car forums. Since we all have tunnel vision and most of us are all in for the new GT wondering what the other forums are saying. I personally have seen no chatter on the 1957 TBitd forum. :lol
  20. GKW05GT

    Which forum member gets the first one??

    My money says someone in the Garage Mahal.