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  1. GKW05GT

    Billet aluminum OEM style Clamshell vents

    Billet aluminum OEM style Clamshell vents Purchased this set a couple years ago installed and decided I liked the painted look better. Found a set already powder coated white and installed . I have 2 coats of ProtecaClear on the top vents machine marks not removed but it can be removed with...
  2. GKW05GT

    NIB oem GT cover

    NIB oem GT cover sold Never unrolled in bag. $550 + shipping.
  3. GKW05GT

    good week for mods

    Thanks to wmjim who provided all the engineering and most of the labor [we] installed the short throw shifter before going to Road Atlanta. I was undecided but after parking 4 with the short throw shifter at R12 I decided to use the one I bought over a year ago. Was concerned about losing the...
  4. GKW05GT

    Shifter Install

    Can someone tell me how I access these pictures on first post. I thought I read this last week and they were there??
  5. GKW05GT

    Road Atlanta

    Anyone coming to road Atlanta? I plan on staying somewhere close so maybe we can all meet up for dinner on Friday night??
  6. GKW05GT

    wenesday good route for running roads today

    Roman our coordinator suggested Hanna but ant one have any ideas???
  7. GKW05GT

    Reliable delivery

    Jay Jay is a reliable driver that has a single GT and will be in Deer Valley in the morning. I let him know I will be there at 330 to unload my truck but if anyone is around they might unload him earlier. If so his phone is 443 309 1748
  8. GKW05GT

    Pre Rally Drive

    Arriving Sunday afternoon along with Reliable's scheduled delivery. Deer Valley is an absolutely world class destination but we have never been there in Summer and interested in suggestions for a couple of day trip destinations. See everyone soon!
  9. GKW05GT

    Misc I bought for sale

    As shown all + shipping or can bring everything but cover to Rally. All + shipping will quote with zip R and L mirror assy.SOLD CJ428 Fog light either side SOLD GT VENOM Short throw shifter $385 decided not to install Polished ball and sleeve for above$ 99 New GT cover with bag never...
  10. GKW05GT

    1st Raptor Road Trip

    Had a chance to go to Nashville this weekend a 250 mile one way trip with some pretty nice roads if you like interstates. Really surprised at the ride quality better than my 2013 Platinum which was great.. The seats are bolstered very nicely on the sides and are very comfortable. Feels more...
  11. GKW05GT

    2017 Raptor road trip

    2017 Raptor road trip moved moved DBK please clean up my mess:facepalm:
  12. GKW05GT

    2017 Raptor ??

    2017 Raptor ?? DONE Consider buy a new Raptor and selling Matt my 2013 Platinum. Any ideas on pro or con appreciated as I love the Platinum and only have 42K miles. Will Ford use Friends and family on these and is the 3.5 the only engine option? maybe someone can talk me out of this.:facepalm:
  13. GKW05GT

    2017 GT 350

    If anyone is still looking for GT 350 this is on showroom floor In Fayetteville at MSRP. Don't know if that is a good deal or not these days but it looks great.
  14. GKW05GT

    24 hour Daytona

    Watched the last hour again on DVR yesterday and it was as exciting as the first time. Hope to see 1-2-3 results at Sebring but it will be hard to top the finish at Daytona. Good Luck Ford:thumbsup
  15. GKW05GT

    The BIG annoucment day

    My buddy wmjim just found this photo from the BIG DAY at Rally X. Maybe I looked skeptical then but everything Raj told us that day is coming true. What an amazing ride!:thumbsup:thumbsup
  16. GKW05GT

    track video

    Not sure this was posted before but pretty cool video
  17. GKW05GT

    Lull before the Storm??

    Everything has been pretty quiet around here for the last several weeks since the flurry of activity following allocations. We need some kind of new information so we can gossip and speculate!!:lol
  18. GKW05GT

    Weekend of a Champion

    Don't know if this has been posted before but stumbled across weekend of a Champion streaming Netflix. The old race footage is entertaining and really shows how far this sport has come. Highly recommended to kill an 1 1/2 hours. This link tells a little bit about the film which is on Netflix...
  19. GKW05GT

    Sports Car Market November

    Had it for a couple weeks and finally opened it. Look who I found! Whay to go Ajai
  20. GKW05GT

    Joey Hand on BJ auction

    Just interviwed on Velocity in Las Vegas