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  1. GKW05GT

    Barnstomer Grill and Airport

    Yesterday was perfect day to do a 50 mile run to Williamson Ga in the middle of nowhere.
  2. GKW05GT

    Socket for titanium lug nuts

    Since I have a wheel removal in the future any suggestions on how to avoid scratching the lug nuts?
  3. GKW05GT

    A Virtual car show

    Was invited as one of 50 cars that will drive through Caffeine and Octanes new garage/studio. Not as exciting as a normal event but at least a start. Also on Instagram and later broadcast on their normal show. Caffeine and Octane - Live Virtual Car Show Coverage Join us this Saturday to view...
  4. GKW05GT

    Mecum Phoenix

    The event was held but it appeared that only the bidders were allowed in as the arena was empty. If you have it recorded lot S117 was the sale of Bourdeas competition GT. The entire auction conversations and negotiations were recorded between Frank and Sebastian and was quite interesting and...
  5. GKW05GT

    Speedhut issue

    Backed car out to load Christmas lights in attic and when I pulled it back in and checked temp gauge to make sure it was warmed up. I was reading 185 and then just dropped to 0. Tried restarting same issue. May replace with the OEM that had bad oil pressure gauge which i have from the new...
  6. GKW05GT

    Standard wheels for sale

    Excellent + condition with 4 mint caps. Only flaws are a few nicks where caps attache to wheel but caps cover for the most part. Just judging interest, purchased for track but not now needed. 4 Bridgestone tires J1214 date code 4 track runs in SLC and maybe 3000 miles? One back tire has a...
  7. GKW05GT

    Shelby America movie

    Just watched on Netflix and was outstanding!! Great original footage and lots of familiar faces. Must see
  8. GKW05GT

    2005 2006 FORD GT HOOD.

    SOLD Recent road Atlanta poster took the wall space from the hood. Looks great on wall but has 3 holes drilled on each side that will need to be filled and painted unless used as garage ornament. Original condition and paint inlet screen included More pics available on request. Glad to work...
  9. GKW05GT

    oil light reset NFGT

    Can't seem to find scrolling menu or in manual? Also did I read not to use suction cup radar mount on gorilla glass?
  10. GKW05GT

    Windshield sun shade

    Anyone purchased one of these for new GT that fits? Will be good for cars in corral at RA
  11. GKW05GT

    Tracking Vin # 1fafp90sx6y401700

    This is an extreme long shot but 2006 GT 1fafp90sx6y401700 was owned by Tom B. and purchased at Bardstown Ky. dealer Conway Heaton. Tom offered this car to his best friend a buddy of mine in Atlanta several years ago but he did not have the resources at the time to purchase.. Tom unfortunately...
  12. GKW05GT

    fire extinguisher for 05

    Looking for fire extinguisher and mount for 05/06
  13. GKW05GT

    Day at Atlanta Driving Club

    This is a first class facility at Road Atlanta and I was an invited guest as was shmee/Tim. Not having my first oil change I did not track my car but Tim quickly learned the track and ran several fast laps during the day. They let us to take pictures on the track, an almost never given...
  14. GKW05GT

    Hot Buttons Seat Rings

    sold Full sell with I think 2 extra. Used then for one Rally and a couple months but prefer without. $ 300 shipped US only
  15. GKW05GT

    Sparco 6 pt harness

    Who purchased the Sparco harness being used with the mounting points in the new GT? Are you using them as a primary belt or any suggestions or comments?
  16. GKW05GT

    Vents and Coil covers

    Extra's laying around and on a cleanup binge. Plastic top vents some tabs on back broken as usual $100 Mint plastic side vents $100 Set of cat head coil covers no idea who made them $ 125 No fasteners for any of the above 7.50 shipping
  17. GKW05GT

    Launch Control

    All you guys with this interior how do you like it after having it for a time. Very striking for sure.
  18. GKW05GT

    Way to go Scott

    5 time Indy car Champ!
  19. GKW05GT

    Petit LeMans@ Road Atlanta

    Last race of the season and hopefully a Championship for Ford :thumbsup Road Atlanta is a spectacular racetrack and several members are planning to attend this year. Here is where we stayed the last 2 years about 20 miles south of Road Atlanta but above all the Atl.traffic. Marlows restaurant...
  20. GKW05GT

    New Diecast

    Ordered this and was back ordered for 6 months. Great paint and finish but doors and clam shell don't open but looks good through the glass. The first decent blue die-cast I've found and although way over priced when has that ever stopped us...