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  1. J

    3rd gear issue

    Hello, does anyone have a source for a new 3rd gear and a synchro for an '06 Ford GT? Thank you.
  2. J

    Shifting into 3rd gear

    Thank you for the reponse. Any idea how complicated / expensive this would be? Have you fixed many of these in the past? Thanks, Jay
  3. J

    Shifting into 3rd gear

    Thank you. I appreciate the information.
  4. J

    Shifting into 3rd gear

    I just purchased an '06 FGT with 700 miles on the car. In driving the car, when shifting into 3rd gear, the gear shift will initially engage the tranny into 3rd gear, however, the tranny will often slip back in neutral. Any idea on what is going on and how to fix it? I apologize if this question...
  5. J

    Watch Your Inbox

    I was rejected also. Best of luck to all others who applied! Would be interested to know more about a wait list.
  6. J

    Any news on the allocation

    Chip, thank you!
  7. J

    Any news on the allocation

    Hello friends, just checking to see if anyone has received a response from their application on the new allocation for the Ford GT. Any information would be helpful. Thanks, Jay
  8. J

    Looking to trade White 4-option 1600 mile '05 GT for a low mile for a low mile Blue or Black GT

    I am looking to trade my white 4-option 1600 mile '05 GT (plus cash) for a blue or black GT with less than 500 miles. My GT car was previously a part of the Ken Lingenfelter collection and has a clean Carfax, never smoked in, never driven in the rain, no modifications, never abused, no...
  9. J

    New Ford GT allocation

    Hello, does anyone have any recent update on the timing of the notification for the new allocation? Also, how will an applicant be notified? Thank you, Jay
  10. J

    Ford GT selection question

    Hello friends, I just submitted my app for one of the remaining 350 Ford GT's. I own a 2005 Ford GT (plus a 2005 T-Bird if that matters) and my question is as follows: Is anyone aware of an '05 or '06 GT owner who previously submitted an application for one of the first 1000 cars to be built who...
  11. J

    2005 Ford GT drivers seat lowering options

    Hello, would welcome any ideas or thoughts on lowering the seat in my '05 Ford GT. I did the same with my Viper, utilizing fixed brackets and it worked out fine. Is anyone aware of any kits or brackets that one can purchase? I am looking to reduce the height by 1 or 2 inches. Any thoughts or...
  12. J

    Driver Seat Wear

    Thank you. Also, does anyone know of a way to utilize brackets to reduce the seat height? I did the same for my Viper and it worked great. It did require a fixed position seat and that would work for my GT. Thanks, Jay
  13. J

    Driver Seat Wear

    Lower height of drivers seat on a 2005 Ford GT Hello, is anyone aware of a a kit one can purchase to lower the drivers seat? I could use another inch or two of headroom...Many thanks, Jay
  14. J

    Speedometer Busted

    Thank you. Much appreciated. Jay
  15. J

    Speedometer Busted

    I just purchased a 2005 Ford GT, 1250 miles and meticulously maintained (it was previously in Ken Lingerfelter's collection). The only issue is that the speedometer does not move off of 0 MPH. I would like to replace the speedometer sensor and am wondering if that is something an individual can...