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    Introducing M015

    Just wanted to post a few pics of M015 Carbon Series which was delivered on 2/5/20.Delivery went great even though we recently had 18" of snow here in New York.Steve Coates was great during the entire delivery process and made it a memorable experience.Thanks again to Ford for considering and...

    Carbon wheel torque spec?

    Anybody know?

    Diffuser blems?

    So i had my 2021 NFGT delivered a couple weeks ago ( pics coming soon when i get it back from ppf)and immediately spotted the rear splitter had several blems like you see above on all the blades of the diffuser . It was noted at the time with the delivery specialist.Some of the blems are worse...

    Has anybody removed rear wing ?

    My detailer is preparing my car for paint correction and we were curious how involved it is to remove the wing.It would make paint correction under the buttresses much easier. TIA

    2020 CFTP Goodness

    Just arrived off the truck.Pick her up tomorrow!

    Rocker Panel removal help

    Can anyone tell me if the rocker panel is attached to the front fender (as in do I need to pull the fender liner to get at the bolts)?I have the 05 shop manual but it a little vague as to the attachment points at the front/fender area.I need to remove the rocker panel from the car.Thanks in...

    My application video

    Although not as good as some of the other videos I have seen posted I thought I would do a video to show my history past and present with Ford.Even if I don't get an allocation for a NFGT I will always own a Ford.Thanks for watching.

    2015 Rolls Royce Ghost EWB

    2015 RR Ghost EWB 378k sticker ,Diamond black /Seashell ,3500 miles,full Expel clear wrap($7k) over entire car since new ,tinted windows,absolutely perfect!Lease takeover $4176.00 a month ,22 months remaining and approximately 18k miles left on lease

    Instrument lower trim panel and gauge binnacle removal?

    So i am going to replace my gauges with a set of speedhut gauges and a new binnacle(the plastic surrounding the gauges and rocker switches) in the near future.I have a shop manual and have searched all the threads i can find relating to this but am still unclear to a few aspects of the removal...

    For Sale Trailex Enclosed Sports Car Trailer CTE-84180

    Selling for a good friend: 2012 Trailex Sports Car Trailer Spare Tire Carrier 14" Spare Tire Raised Wench Platform Atwood Electric Tongue Jack 12 Volt Battery Mounted In Vented Box Upgraded 14" Aluminum Wheels With Brand New Tires Clear Bra On The Entire Front Of Trailer This trailer is in...

    1037 awhp porsche 996 tt video

    Here is the latest updates on my 996 Turbo.After much research and development by Evolution Motorsports over the past few years you may remember we ran 231.4 at the Texas Mile in March 09.Here is the vid.... Since it ran so good we decided to take it...

    MY 996 TT Porsche runs 231.7 at the Texas Mile!

    I went out to the Texas mile to see what my 996 TT was capable of .This car was custom built by Evolution Motorsports in AZ and is a true street car.It weighs in at 3208 without driver and was run in full street trim(no removing mirrors, wipers ,or seats.It also has working a/c, radio,and full...

    Tailamp Removal Help

    Okay so I removed the three nuts holding the tailamp in along with disconnecting the wiring and it still does not want to come out.:frownThe bottom seems free and from what I can see there is a tab at the top that holds the top in place.I assume it is installed top first and then the bottom is...

    Gas gauge done?

    Well it looks like my gas gauge has bit the dust.:ackI tried all the usual steps to get it to come alive again(check and clean ground,trickle charged for 2 weeks,even went for a short drive)but nothing.All the other gauges seem to be working fine:confusedI still haven't tested the gauge itself...

    Grey Caliper Color

    Did a search but could not find it......Does anyone know the exact color the grey calipers are painted?I have a small dot of paint missing on the top of one caliper:ack.If I can't get a pefect match with touchup I may have to repaint it:frown.TIA

    Did I Find the Infamous White /Orange Stripe GT?

    Is this the white /orange stripe car?See if you can find where they left the orange stripes.At first glance I thought WOW!.....Somebody else went through the trouble of painting all the trim white(even the wipers :rofl)but atleast they chose a better stripe color .Then I realized its the same...

    No Name Ford GT?

    Was browsing e-bay and came across this Tungsten Gt with no emblems on it.It is missing all of em, the blue oval on the nose,the Ford GT on the center caps and stripes,the horn button and sills.The dealer makes no mention of it and i wonder if they even realize.Anyone know the story...

    Pics of my 2005 GT

    Just sharing some pics of my GT.Finally got around to doing some driving in it this weekend and got to put 200 miles on her (got her with 20 miles).This car is awesome!I love it.Mods so far are 19+20 inch Auto Coutore wheels on Pirelli P-Zero's and a stainless Works full exhaust with headers,hi...

    Stock Boost?

    What psi should I be seeing on the boost gauge in 3rd or 4th gear WOT?I am seeing 15lbs.I thought the car should only make around 12 stock........I added a Stainless Works exhaust and K+N filters.....and thought I would loose a psi or so from reducing back pressure .....any idea?

    Cost of a new center console from Ford?

    Anyone know what a center console from Ford costs?I am thinking of having the stock one painted and would like to buy one in case the body shop screws ups or I don't like it.TIA Joe