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  1. Apollo

    Jim Hackett stepping down
  2. Apollo

    Raw MKII Video

    I just had to post this video of Benjamin having fun at Laguna Seca, this guy can drive! The MKII looks like it handles so well. (y)
  3. Apollo

    Hey, I know that guy!

    Ambassador Special K sharing cool things about the GT. Love the downshifts at the very start.
  4. Apollo

    Secret Orange Juice Mode

  5. Apollo

    A little Monica Article

    Racer Magazine did an article on Monica and Spring Mountain last summer and someone reminded me it was online. I apologize if I posted this before, but she just took second out of 23 in the big year end race last month racing the Wolf. 👍
  6. Apollo

    Fun Fifth Gear Video

    This is a recent video with what looks like the 2017 press car. I imagine this car has been driven hard and it still seems to be providing superstar reviews.
  7. Apollo

    Road America

    Great race going. Edge of seat finish coming for GTLM. GO BLUE!
  8. Apollo

    Nighty Nite

    The indoor cover is very nice! A little tight over the mirrors but once you figure that out it is a great fit!
  9. Apollo

    Heritage Edition

    Rock and Roll!
  10. Apollo

    Video of California GT getting full body wrap.

    Someone getting full wrap on a Carbon Series GT in California. Anyone know who this is?
  11. Apollo

    Our boy Joey gets keys to the city!
  12. Apollo

    Ford Performance Speed Comparison | Bathurst 2018 | Ford Australia

    Another Fun comparison video by Ford Performance.
  13. Apollo

    Ford Shelby GR-1 being rebooted as a production car

    Interesting it says they have licensing for older Broncos too.
  14. Apollo

    Three NFGTs together at dealer showroom in Europe

    I imagine these were all being delivered from this dealership. Pretty cool!
  15. Apollo

    Ford GT hits 200+ MPH on public road in Idaho

    I came across this thread of Greg Silvey with a new GT going 206.3 mph in a closed road event. :cheers
  16. Apollo

    Blake, You're Famous

    Blake, thought you might like to see what your car looks like from a different perspective. :thumbsup
  17. Apollo

    GT Experience with Ambassador Stormcat

    Brian doing what he does best, sharing the great experience and stories about the GT! (Nice garage Brian).:thumbsup
  18. Apollo

    Ford GT Heritage Photoshoot Time Lapse
  19. Apollo

    Great Interview

    Great interview of a stunt driver for the Grand Tour. I don't watch the show, but this guy is very enamoured with the NFGT.
  20. Apollo

    Edsel Ford GT Message

    I happened to trip upon this from the legends of Le Mans Dinner last year. Cool video from a great man!