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    Fire Extinguisher

    Here’s a great new product I just found. I think I’m going to buy an Element E50 for each of my vehicles, one for my garage and one in the house. It would probably be safe inside an aircraft also. The bottles in my house, cars and car trailer have expired and needed replacing and while...

    Jessi Combs, Rapid City, Deceased Also stared on All Girls Garage, Overhaul'n, Barret Jackson, etc.

    Yorktown Tool Bag by Atlas46

    This thing is awesome. I have a soft military canvas tool bag I keep some tools in, but everything is just jumbled on top of each other that you then have to dig through or dump out on the ground. However, this Yorktown bag is much more organized and easier to find the right tool. Soft...

    FWB Firefighters Charity Car Show

    Attended the Fort Walton Beach Firefighters car show on Saturday and had a nice turnout. Mine was the only FGT in attendance unfortunately. According to some attendees, apparently there are some other FGTs in the area I'm not aware. The search begins, haha. They made trophies out of fire...

    Happy birthday Mike Mosing

    Happybirthday Mike. Hope you're having a wonderful day and many more slipping the surly bonds of earth, fast and furious, and hitting the greens.

    Five Automotive Trends Set to Gain Traction in 2017

    Interesting. Five Automotive Trends Set to Gain Traction in 2017!ID_5Trends.html

    Happy Veterans Day

    Happy Veterans Day to all our vets out there. Here's a picture of my first assignment to pilot training. Left pilot training and headed immediately to Vietnam flying the AC-130 Spectre Gunship. That's me in the sunglasses with my gunship crew.

    Ford Plane Factory

    The time is June 1941, just months before Pearl Harbor ! Henry Ford determined that he could mass produce bombers just as he had done with cars, built at Willow Run Assembly plant in Michigan and proved it. At the time, It was the world's largest building under one roof. This film will...

    Autotracking Video Camera

    Thought you guys might be interested in this to video record your track days and other events. Has a follow-the-subject capability.
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    $550k 2005 fgt

    Barrett-Jackson just sold Ron Pratt's 2005 Silver, no stripe, FGT #0003 for $550K on 28 Jul.
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    Go ahead, make my day

    My wife was hinting about what she wanted for our upcoming anniversary. She said, "I want something shiny that goes from 0 to 165 in about 2 seconds." I bought her a bathroom scale. And then the fight started...... ______________________________ I rear-ended a car this morning...the start of a...
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    Best Penetrating Oils

    Found that the original article had a misprint. They didn’t use automatic transmission fluid (ATF), instead, they used power steering fluid (PSF) and since the fluids don’t mix well, you have to shake the solution while using it. Here’s the correction from the magazine. February 2, 2008...
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    Designed New Floor Mats

    I couldn't find any floor mats designed to cover the painted sides of our floors, so I designed my own and ordered them through California Car Covers. They are made by Lloyds and work great.
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    Can FGT shocks be rebuilt

    Is there a kit available to rebuild our stock shocks? My right rear shock is leaking with only 7K easy miles on them.
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    Battery Tribulations

    Trailered GT to TN for car show and to visit family and friends in Ohio. Trailer sat in TN for 2 weeks before Pigeon Forge TN car show while I was in OH. First drive to breakfast at Pigeon Forge, I noticed boost gauge wasn't working and attributed it to a weak battery from sitting for 2 weeks...
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    What will FGT be worth in 20 years?

    Here's an article that may mean the FGT will only be of value to car museums since maybe none of us will be driving them or any car on the road in 20 years.
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    Ford F-150 Triton 5.4 problems

    My girlfriend works for a great mechanic and she said they had another F-150 in today with the 5.4 Triton engine that needs the plugs changed out. She said she always feels so bad for the customers when she has to explain that the plugs are prone to break in the heads and that it will be an...
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    '67 Corvette L-88

    Just sold at Mecum for $3.2M at hammer. It's claim to fame is it's the only '67 L-88 with the original fiberglass body.
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    Tractor Mod
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    Saigon Traffic

    This is what I remember also. They used to tell us the largest vehicle always had the right-of-way, but that doesn’t look true anymore in this video since the cars are letting the mopeds go through. Never happened like that when I was there. The mopeds had better get out of the way or get run...