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  1. Apollo

    Favorite or Recommended Car Covers for your NFGT

    Looks like the same one I have. Easy on, easy off, protection for the potential little oh shi* incidents. Easily as good of protection as the original, but better coverage and a lot less hassle getting off and on. very good cover.
  2. Apollo

    Favorite or Recommended Car Covers for your NFGT

    Yes, for the 17 - 22. Quality fit and coverage is excellent, Highly recommend. I use mine for use in the enclosed trailer also, Keeps that layer of road dust from getting in and on everything.
  3. Apollo

    Favorite or Recommended Car Covers for your NFGT

    Hi Randy, The factory cover is nice, but very expensive. The original factory covers are too short for using with current recommendation of storing wing up so it is like a girl with her skirt caught. Still beautiful but not right. Per Tomy Hamon, we also bought the Cover King and it is...
  4. Apollo

    Unexpected Avatar

    That is awesome!
  5. Apollo

    Service in Phoenix Az

    Local to you there is a guy named Bryan Naylor at Sanderson Ford in Glendale, AZ. They have a special area for GTs and he really is outstanding for service. His direct number is (623) 256-8444.
  6. Apollo

    My Big Day and L172

    Outstanding spec, congratulations!
  7. Apollo

    Shelby CSX4000 for sale

    Wow, Happy Birthday indeed John! (y)
  8. Apollo

    The one and only...

    Yeah, I guess Ed is okay.... :unsure:(y)
  9. Apollo

    Wanted Gt500 CFTP

    Gaudin Ford is known for huge mark-ups. I would bet at least 50k for this car.
  10. Apollo

    Finally Pulled the trigger

    Congratulations and welcome to the party! (y) You are going to be so happy with your new baby. As most have mentioned before, be very careful on your first outings using the throttle especially if the tires are not fresh.
  11. Apollo

    Does this make my rear end look wide?

    Or is it - does this ass make my face look Phat?
  12. Apollo

    2021 Heritage GT - Pat Milliken Ford

    As said many times before, Kevin and Milliken are incredible. Kevin is like a best buddy you have known all your life. Communication and follow up are top notch. The peace of mind and professionalism are incredible. The goodies are really nice too! (y)(y):giggle:
  13. Apollo

    Radical RXC Turbo?

    There are many of the different models from Radical including several RXCs at Spring Mountain Motorsports where some from the Forum here are members. Like many British companies, Radical seems to always seem to be on the edge of financial ruin and in need to be bailed out. Somehow they keep...
  14. Apollo

    What have you done with your new Ford GT?

    Love the red race harness.
  15. Apollo

    The Ford GT Returns!!

    Wow, wasn't there extensive use of honeycomb sections? It will be interesting if they really get it period correct as they say.
  16. Apollo

    Added some color to my "Coal Chutes " !!

    Very cool Brian! Did you try it on models first, or did you have it all in your head?
  17. Apollo

    Looking for a clean Boxster for my wife

    I have followed the Caymans pretty close, not so much the Boxter - We have a pretty active Porsche club in our area. I haven't heard too much negative regarding the 4cyls except the sound is not like the 6 cyl. I can tell you Porsche PDKs are probably the best DCTs out there. The others are...