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    Set of re-finished BBS Rims w/2019 Date-code Goodyear OEM Tires *SOLD*

    Continuing my Spring cleaning initiative... These are the optional OEM (BBS) Ford GT wheels that were originally painted and then subsequently stripped and powdercoated to a very good color match of the OEM wheels. As I understand, these wheels were powdercoated and then received a clear coat...
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    Set of Standard BBS Wheels

    Time for some Spring cleaning. I have a nice set of the GT standard (6-spoke) BBS wheels that were used for 1-2 race venues. Wheels have no curb rash or other markings. The wheels are all straight and true and have never been re-finished. One of the front wheels has some stubborn track/tire...
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    **SOLD** 2005 Black/Silver Stripe 1700mi For Sale by Original Owner

    This is Kendall (Cool Tech) and I am putting this up for a friend who wishes to remain private. This is a black car, silver stripe, later-build 2005 (15XX VIN). 3-option car. Has the Mac, optional BBS wheels, and the stripes. Brake calipers are black which, of course, match the black car...
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    We have the Viagra that your GT so desperately needs!

    Does your GT have trouble getting or keeping it up? Maybe you haven't noticed. Like so many things, this degradation occurs over time. Remember the times the damn thing used to spring up with little provocation? Hey, the bright side of this awkward conversation is that at least it's not your...
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    Heads-up on OEM Shock Replacements

    For the second time in approximately the last 90-days, we have received a defective rear OEM shock through Ford parts. Both of these shocks were outwardly very new in appearance. The first time this happened to us, the shock was very obviously "frozen" in its fully extended position. With the...
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    Ford GT's Getting Flagged by CARB!

    Something is going on. We've been contacted for the second time in less than a week by an owner that went in for a "normal" (every other year) California smog check. Upon arrival to the smog station, the VIN is scanned and there is a message that the car cannot be smogged and MUST be referred...
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    Abundant Inventory of Front Bonnet & Rear Clamshell Gas Struts

    After a disastrous inventory ramp up - new manufacturer partnership, German-based, smaller production runs, COVID impact on International shipments, etc, we finally have a very strong inventory of gas struts for the 2005-2006 Ford GTs. We typically are shipping each day at ~3:30-4:00 PM PST so...
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    Corona Virus Aid - $1000 to each American

    I totally understand if Dave decides to move or delete this thread. I just wanted to get some thoughts from those much smarter than me - uh, that's most of you. Regarding the $1,000/person that our Government is in process of approving.... Undoubtedly there will be some clip level and maybe I...
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    New Source for Clamshell & Bonnet Gas Struts

    UPDATE: April 5, 2020 Hello ALL - Thanks every one for their patience. The replacement gas struts for the FRONT bonnet are now in stock and shipping. Link to Front Gas Struts. As many/most of you are aware, these have not been available from Ford for quite some time now. For ALL of you who...
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    Oil Filter

    No, you don't HAVE to place all the parts that come with your (BMW) oil filter......
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    Vegas Auto Gallery - Buyer Beware

    Had a very poor experience around a 2005 GT they currently have for sale. Having agreed on a price subject to inspection, Ryan flew over with prospective buyer who had Cashier's check in hand. Post a successful inspection, the plan was to purchase the GT and drive it back to LA. Ryan started...
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    Axle Bolts Done Bad

    So we had another GT in for some normal maintenance and were trying to follow our own advice to see if the Alxe Bolt Upgrade had been performed. OEM (Allen) bolts securing the halfshaft to the flange and only one torque paint mark on each. So, we decided to take it apart to peer inside and...
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    New Owners: Insure Axle Bolt Upgrade has been Performed!

    It seems that recently there are several new owners here. There is PLENTY of information on the axle bolt upgrade that you can search and read up on and I don't want to repeat that here. The "news" is that it is VERY important that ALL GTs - regardless if they are garage queens, track machines...
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    Looking for Thermostat Housing

    Maybe someone here can help me out. I'm looking for a thermostat housing assembly (see pic). New preferred but will take used if in good condition. Let me know. Thanks.
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    Oil Pump Belt Alternatives

    As described in a similar thread in recent weeks, some resourceful owners found an alternative to the Ford GT (Motorcraft) oil pump belt. The alternate belt is a Continental ContiTech "SilentSync" Y-720. The attraction is that this Continental belt is quite a bit different in price -...
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    F350 Purchasing Help

    A lot of you are a lot more familiar with the inner workings at ford and available discounts, etc. I'm looking for a little help or guidance. I'm contemplating the idea of an F350 SRW Platinum to once and for all solve any towing problems. I probably need to shop nearby as I will likely...
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    Genuine Ford Racing Cat Delete Pipes

    Recently removed these on a California car in favor of re-installing the cats. These are the real "Ford Racing" cat delete pipes and they have been jet-hot coated. With the coating and lack of catalytic back-pressure, under clamshell temperature are reduced substantially. Less than 500 miles...
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    Anyone know the font of the Heritage Roundel Numbers?

    Tried the search... not sure if this was ever discussed??
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    Cool Tech's Ryan Continues to Hone his Racecarft

    March 10 & 11 was NASA SoCal's second race of the 2018 season. Spec Miata field is growing a little bit as there is a big ($80K) purse at the NASA season final at COTA. As such, some former SCCA guys are deciding to race with NASA this year. Spoiler: 14-15 car field and Ryan won the race on...
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    Cool Tech's Ryan Pond Secures SoCal 2017 SM NASA Champ Title

    Many of you know that in addition to growing up twisting wrenches on Ford GTs, getting his Mechanical Engineering degree from Cal Poly Pomona, pursuing a second degree in computer science, and working full-time now for Hyundai/Kia as an automotive calibration engineer, Ryan has also taken up...