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    The Bronco Thread

    Too funny. Your dealer rep is an idiot. There's no doubt that Granger is almost universally disliked by other dealers and so there is a tendency to spread FUD (fear, uncertainty, and doubt.) What your dealer told you about Granger is wrong. No dealer has ANY allocation yet. What Ford...
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    The Bronco Thread

    Hey Gary - the dealer is Granger Ford in Iowa. I think it is VERY safe to say that they will be the #1 Volume Bronco dealership in the nation... at least for the first couple of years. You can wade through hundreds if not thousands of posts on the Bronco forum (bronco6g) but Granger is the...
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    The Bronco Thread

    Nope, I meant under INVOICE. But I should have said $1300 under, not $1600. The dealership I'm using is $1000 BELOW INVOICE on all orders and even though it is somewhat official that x-plan will not initially be offered, the dealership has offered an additional $300 discount if you provide the...
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    The Bronco Thread

    I have a 7/14 reservation in. Tried like hell on the 13th (launch night) but Ford's system was crashing and after 2-3 hours, I gave up. Was able to get through on the 14th. The good news is that I have the price locked in at $1600 under invoice.
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    New Raptor V8?

    Nothing like competition to wake you out of a decade long somber....
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    How much gas/miles left in tank when light comes on....?

    It would seem so, but it doesn't. Programming of the fuel level is such that readings of large fluctuations are discarded as non-plausible and are more likely attributed to temporary variation due to sloshing or g-loads. This is the right way to program fuel gauges but there is a scenario...
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    How much gas/miles left in tank when light comes on....?

    The CONSEQUENCE of running a GT out of fuel is much greater than the inconvenience of being left stranded along side the road. Replacing the fuel pump is an involved (and therefore expensive) task. So, I'm not sure of the exact answer to your question but if that "Check Gauges" aka, "Low Fuel"...
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    Whipple 4.5L

    Easy to make the case that GT - even as OEM let alone pulley/tune is inadequate for any kind of sustained track running in any temps above 75F or so. Engine cooling is a system of systems. Upgrading the radiator is unlikely to return any practical benefit. The GT is constrained on the amount...
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    WTB NOS Push Button Start

    Yes, Tasca is selling the OEM one.
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    WTB NOS Push Button Start

    Having used that exact Ford GT OEM switch in a race car build we did, I can confirm it is a simple SPST momentary contact switch, normally open.
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    Hood not staying open - Strut replacement?

    Shipped :) I have good stock of front and rears for immediate shipment.
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    Hood not staying open - Strut replacement?

    Price is per PAIR.
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    Whipple 4.5L

    I concur with what has already been written about the previous gen Whipples. I would pass as well. Regarding the specific question of OEM fuel limitations, I think you will likely need to make some mods if you want to go over 850HP or so. As such, for me, I would say that 850HP should be the...
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    air conditioning compresser

    While cars that are not exercised routinely may experience an AC pressure drop over a period of years, this is typically not harmful at all to compressors. ALL AC systems employ a simple pressure switch and if the pressure drops too low, the compressor simply will not cycle on. We've serviced...
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    Oil pump Belt, When to change?

    If a GT sits for long periods of time (months), I'd maybe thinking about changing every 3-5 years. For a car that is started at least monthly, I'd say that every 10 years is a reasonable interval. The Continental alternative belt is readily available. We've now been using on a couple of dozen...
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    Onboard the GT MK II for a lap of Buttonwillow racetrack

    That is really AWESOME!!! Wish I would have been there to see that! Thanks for sharing. (A wee bit faster that the spec miata in-car videos we have!)
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    Big score

    Uh.... pushing a cart through CVS is a sign that you have, in fact, grown up.
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    New GT owner with question

    Congrats and welcome. You are fortunate insofar that the Ford/Borla exhaust is the ONLY exhaust that doesn't need to be changed when going to a Bumper Delete. In my opinion, the Ford/Borla exhaust is still a bit on the quiet side and the CAT-delete pipes would REALLY help to improve the sound...
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    2006 Ford GT Oilpump and Serpentine Belts

    Art, I illustrated your photos a bit to further help first timers. The assembly - as shown in the relaxed position should go up and into the car with no shenanigan's on the belt. Once the bolt is in and finger tight, use an Allen key to rotate the cam assembly CLOCKWISE and align the scribe...