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    Transaxle problems

    Inner bolts: Blue Loctite. 27 ft-lbs Make sure to perform the TSB for axle flange leaks at the same time.
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    Clamshell Top and Side Vents

    Plastic bosses are threaded and have small (M4) studs in them. Plastic bosses are very fragile and susceptible to heat... and one or more are broken on virtually EVERY GT that comes through here. Not broken yet? Just a matter of time.
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    Defrost not working

    Op - it is the "blend door" that is stuck. You can search blend door but to help get you started;
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    Bumper Delete suppliers

    Can't speak to the GT Guy kit - first version were not reversible but maybe later kits are. We have sold the kit from Classic Design Concepts which is completely reversible - shipping with new (shorter) frame horns allowing you to keep the OEM frame horns (about $1700 each if memory serves me...
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    Info on 1 owner GT from Tampa, 1FAFP90S96Y400389 ?

    I believe that car is now for sale here in SoCal and very close to me if someone wants a PPI....
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    Coolant Drain

    1. No, it doesn't make any sense to me to pour/rinse with distilled water. The engine block is holding a fair volume of coolant so this process would hardly be effective. 2. For the RADKIT, you attach to the top of the expansion tank and draw a vacuum by using a high-flow compressor. Once you...
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    The Potenza's for the GT have always been and continue to be asymmetrical but never directional. No doubts about what you were told - but the information is just inaccurate.
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    Trusted Florida shops for new clutch fitmen?

    Op meant to say that I recommended Heffner's Performance - and he subsequently spoke to Ryan over there at Jason's. I guess they are too busy.
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    Exhaust Part Identification

    As others have said quite correctly; 1. The Ford Racing large cylinders are the Cat Delete pipes (with those labeled resonators). 2. The exhaust is neither a Accufab or Heffner - looks more like a one-off 3. The OEM exhaust expansion "strap" has been irreversibly modified yet retained for this...
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    Set of re-finished BBS Rims w/2019 Date-code Goodyear OEM Tires *SOLD*

    Continuing my Spring cleaning initiative... These are the optional OEM (BBS) Ford GT wheels that were originally painted and then subsequently stripped and powdercoated to a very good color match of the OEM wheels. As I understand, these wheels were powdercoated and then received a clear coat...
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    Set of Standard BBS Wheels

    Time for some Spring cleaning. I have a nice set of the GT standard (6-spoke) BBS wheels that were used for 1-2 race venues. Wheels have no curb rash or other markings. The wheels are all straight and true and have never been re-finished. One of the front wheels has some stubborn track/tire...
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    Gauge Replacement - How to

    Didn't tighten and didn't cut their tails....
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    Lost a rondel—-8

    Contact Don at
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    Curious Shifting Issue

    You can test the shifter cables by disconnecting them at the transaxle. Before that, however, I think you can get a good sense of the health of the cables. Sitting in the car, clutch in and engine off, the shifter should move fore/aft (like a 1-2 shift) and side to side (toward passenger side...
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    What is this worth?

    IMO, the car's condition and history should be the primary factors influencing price - NOT miles. We have worked on a couple of hundred GTs and the condition of the cars vary widely and very often has absolutely NOTHING to do with miles. If the black car you are looking at has minor seat wear...
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    Curious Shifting Issue

    Just reading this thread this evening. I too am hoping it is just the clutch not releasing as opposed to any transaxle problem. It was a relief to see the correct fluid was used! It seems that the lead theory is that the clutch is not releasing completely. When this is occurring, many times...
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    Just purchased 06 white/blue GT Need recommended parts source

    That's a good question - not sure there's a definitive answer. Slight weeps are OK, I guess, but a sign that the shock it losing its pressure. If the entire shock body is covered in oil, it's time. But honestly - just based on the calendar, it's time. Replacing shocks once every 15-years is...
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    Just purchased 06 white/blue GT Need recommended parts source

    In summary; 1. We have front and rear gas struts in stock; 2. Steering wheel emblem repair - can be sent to Elite Autos to be repaired and returned 3. Floor mats: likely multiple options 4. Oil and Filter : Rock Auto or TASCA are good choices 5. Rear shocks - probably TASCA will be least expensive
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    Check engine light help

    With those errors, I would also suspect the car will exhibit drivability issues and the most likely cause is that the secondary fuel pump has failed - but then we already told you this.
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    Choosing a dealer?

    Honestly, I think it is a very, very easy decision. Go with the best - especially when they have consistent RAVE reviews. Milliken all the way.