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  1. Joe Dozzo

    Can't respond in my own MarketPlace thread...

    Not sure what but I cannot reply to any threads in the MarketPlace forum. Have not been able to since moving to this "new" forum. Not even my own post!
  2. Joe Dozzo

    Ford Motorsports 351C Valve Train Stabilizer

    Back in the day, Ford made some cast valve covers for the 351C that incorporated - essentially - a stud girdle. It used longer rocker studs that went just through the valve cover. Black and very sinister / throw-back looking! I had a set on my old Pantera and am now looking for a set to put...
  3. Joe Dozzo

    Tach and speedometer repair experience

    Thought I share my recent experience with tach and speedometer repair options. First, thanks to Kendall and CoolTech for taking on this interesting challenge, but I'm afraid that, for me, it misses the mark. I'll explain in a moment. First, when I bought my 05 white / blue stripe in 2010, my...
  4. Joe Dozzo

    Forget the GT500, I'll have one of these!

    If Ford (PLEASE!!!!) ever brings this to market, sign me up!
  5. Joe Dozzo

    Ford GT Owner Hospitality at Petit Le Mans, NEED ONE TICKET!!!

    Good Morning All, I have line-of-sight to one ticket but need a second - just can't go without bringing the Mrs along. So... Anyone's plans change and you now have a spare? Please let me know ASAP! Thank you very much! Joe
  6. Joe Dozzo

    Great 43K mile RS6 for sale...

    Just bought a new RS5 so it's time to sell the 03 RS-6. It's been a fantastic trouble-free car and has served us well for many years. Near-perfect definition of sporty sedan and a pleasure to drive. Please check out the auction at BaT:
  7. Joe Dozzo

    Matech, 9 years ahead of the crowd...

    Who recalls the driver line-up for 2010 24 Hrs of LeMans, car 61? interesting to see the TV coverage of the NSX team and their lineup of 4 women drivers. I wish them a great and safe race! Natacha Gachnang Cyndie Allerman Rahel Frey
  8. Joe Dozzo

    NFGT Round 2 Application Question

    I've been able to successfully log into my account but am having trouble getting past the first page... All my Applicant Info was successfully restored from my 2016 application. I select a language (English) and check the "All info is accurate.." box then Save & Continue. This results in a...
  9. Joe Dozzo

    New Spark 1/43 LeMans Cars

    This may be as close as I get... They did a great job on the Matech cars.
  10. Joe Dozzo

    Any chance of more GT polo's?

    I know I'd be in for 4 or 5... Argh... CHANCE (thanks!)
  11. Joe Dozzo

    New toys, one vintage GT and one new GT

    One "old" car in Chip's colors... And a...
  12. Joe Dozzo

    New Double DIN Installed

    Many thanks to Mark and Kevin and M2K and Rich at GT Guys!!! Both worked together and I'm really pleased with the results, looks great and a nice update to an already incredible car. Picked up my GT in Detroit yesterday and drove straight through to Denver, a little over 14 hrs, and enjoyed...
  13. Joe Dozzo

    Stress cracks in 27K mile, 0 Stories 05 GT

    Just completed our trip back from Anchorage AK, about 7000 miles round trip and every mile an absolute joy. Car performed flawlessly every second and every mile - rain, snow and shine. And plenty of each. 12 hrs yesterday from Boise to Denver and it rained hard almost 8 hrs, snowed almost 2...
  14. Joe Dozzo

    What happens if NFGT owners sells before 3 yrs lockout?

    Ford buys it back? And then to whom does Ford sell the used NFGT. (Bonus points for "to whom" and no dangling participle?)
  15. Joe Dozzo

    The news we'd all LIKE to hear from Ford...

    As much as the recent announcement was welcomed, it wasn't really news; perhaps just confirmation... 4 Years, 250 cars per year and a total run of 1000 has been out for some time now... How about Ford announce an 8 - 10 year run of production cars and, with some optimization that must surely...
  16. Joe Dozzo

    To the NFGT Application gods...

    I know the application process is over but I'm hoping you may just be looking for a tie-breaker so that maybe one or two average "Joe's" get selected... I know it's not wins at LeMans or Watkins Glenn but how about the AlCan? Just finished 3400 miles, Denver to Anchorage in my 05 FGT on roads...
  17. Joe Dozzo

    New (to me) Speedhut Speedometer Trouble

    Taking the first extended road trip in the GT with SpeedHut gauges (they were already in the car when I bought it). The car's odometer / trip odometer matched several 10, 50 and 100 miles segments along the highways in eastern CO, WY and MT. The needle on the SpeedHut speedometer was off...
  18. Joe Dozzo

    Way to go westie!!!!!

    First 1st in the NFGT!!!
  19. Joe Dozzo

    2017 NFGT Configurator - Series 1 and Series 2?

    Any hints what these might be, other than "Coming soon"?
  20. Joe Dozzo

    Wanted - Complete set of factory gauges

    Thanks for looking. The ONLY tiny regret I have about the 2005 I bought recently is it has the SpeedHut gauges. They look fine and equally importantly - they work! But stilll... I am looking for a full set of gauges, complete and ready to install. Would prefer a known good set, but willing...