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  1. J

    FS: Brand new in box 2017-2021 Ford GT Wheels

    Gents, I have a brand-new set of 4 beautiful factory Ford GT wheels for the new GT. I only just opened 2 of the 4 boxes this week to take these photos. They have thus never been mounted, or touched, and come in the original factory boxes. These would be perfect spares, or more importantly...
  2. J

    Anybody know Autosport Designs in Long Island, NY ?

    They have a car (not a GT) I'm potentially interested in. At least on-line, they have mixed reviews. As they have sold some GT s before, I am wondering if someone here might be familiar with them, and possibly even close enough to pop in and check something out for me if I wind up working out a...
  3. J

    Carbon fiber low profile wipers (No longer available)

    Forgive cross post - selling these:
  4. J

    FS: Used Carbon Fiber low profile wipers (no longer available)

    I bought these in 2011 from Andrew, at Exoticare, for $685. He has long since stopped producing them. They have been on my shelf for years. Can't recall why I took them off. They look to be in nice shape. It's possible might needs some adjusting and new rubber blades (based on age only, not...
  5. J

    New in box: set of factory fog lamp lenses

    Gents, I have a brand new extra set of fog lamp lenses that I never took out of the box. Turns out years ago I inadvertently wound up buying 2 of each lens, to have as spares for the hard to get parts. Two different part numbers, presumably for right and left side. Figured I would sell one...
  6. J

    Used set of factory CAT pipes

    Gents, I am continuing to make some space in my shop. These came off my car many years ago, with maybe 5,000-8,000 miles on them. Perhaps they are of use to someone, particularly if they live in an area where emissions are tested? If of interest, feel free to PM me and make me an offer.
  7. J

    Home Arcade Games?

    Any of you guys have one of those all in one stand up home arcade games that have something like 50-100 vintage games (centipede, pac man asteroids...) on them? Been thinking of getting one for the man cave. It looks like a lot of different companies make them. Some look more robust than others...
  8. J

    FS: stock shifter

    I replaced the stock shifter in my car shortly after purchasing it. Been sitting on the shelf ever since. Can't imagine I will ever need it. Cleaning up my shop - not sure if anyone has a need for it? If so, no idea what to ask. Just make me a fair offer... (see photo for what I have)
  9. J

    Brand new: set of harnesses, mounting clips, harness bars

    Folks, Going through my warehouse, found a brand new in box pair of black 2005-6 Ford GT harnesses, mounting clips and harness bar that I purchased a few yrs ago. I had these visions of all the track driving I would do, and unfortunately, never got into it. I have actually never taken them out...
  10. J

    2019 GT - new standard muffler

    Gents, While I ordered my car originally with the standard (non-titanium) muffler, before delivery the great folks at Milliken Ford changed it to a different one for me before it ever left their dealership. That being the case, I have the non-Titanium stock muffler essentially as new in box...
  11. J

    Bridgestone replacement source

    Gents, Thinking might be time to replace my tires. They don't look too bad, but date code on the fronts is 2015 and rears 2016, so already 4 and 5yrs old. . Checked tire rack - they have fronts dated 2017 and rears 2018. Wish there were newer ones available, especially fronts... Any ideas...
  12. J

    WTB: Carbon Fiber Side Scoop

    Gents, Anybody have a pair of these side scoops (see photo) in carbon fiber available? Maybe some sitting on the shelf that you were going to install, but never did. If so, please PM me. Looking to add some to my GT. Thanks!
  13. J

    Climate Control Issue

    Gents: While driving home from Atlanta, I noticed an issue with Climate Control in my 2005GT. Fortunately, the A/C blows cold (thank god) through the main forward facing vents. I did however notice the rotary control that allows you to select if air blows thru lower vents, 'regular' forward...
  14. J

    Oil pressure sending switch questions...?

    Gents,, I am thinking my oil pressure sending switch just went bad today. I have Speedhut gauges, all of which work fine. I took car out for test drive in preparation for road trip to Atlanta on Wednesday. While driving, oil pressure reads fine. When I parked, with engine running, oil...
  15. J

    Ceramic Coating

    Forgive me if discussed before - you guys think it is worth ceramic coating over Xpel, or mostly BS? Pretty pricey - about $2000/car for the coating here I'm told.
  16. J

    How to mount non-carbon wheels...

    Gents, My GT is getting close. Ordered it with carbon wheels. I already bought a 'spare' set of non-carbon wheels from Ford that I'm thinking of powder coating a different color. I know it's been discussed, but I can't recall - Apparently one needs to do something 'special' to use them on a...
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    Change signature

    Can't figure out how to edit signature in new forum format? I'm sure something simple... Thanks in advance
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    Dodge Demon - brand new, awesome blue color

    Gents - After having been given the great opportunity for a special edition GT spot - and after much hesitation - I am reluctantly putting my new Dodge Demon for sale. I ordered it in this admittedly awesome Indigo Blue color and configuration and I am the original owner. They were/are really...
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    Amelia Island Concours

    Not sure if anbody is going to the Amelia Island Concours d Elegance this weekend. It is a fabulous event for those on the fence. If so, because of forecasted rain Sunday, the show is now officially moved to Saturday AM, from 9:30am-5pm. Some of the auction schedules have changed too. For...