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  1. Joe Dozzo

    05 and 06 mud flaps

    If memory serves, they come with double-sided tape to install. I drilled and screwed mine, just be careful!
  2. Joe Dozzo

    Stereo sounds mediocre at best

    I'll go with Crime of the Century, top to bottom, front to back. Sounds good on the mac at any speed.
  3. Joe Dozzo

    2017 Ford GT For Sale

    Beautiful car! I'm sure you'll do very well in the sale.
  4. Joe Dozzo

    Can't respond in my own MarketPlace thread...

    Thanks but no assistance necessary. More than one way to skin the proverbial cat... Just frustrating. First reported this maybe two years ago and forgot about it until time came to try and use it this week...
  5. Joe Dozzo

    Can't respond in my own MarketPlace thread...

    Replying to a Conversation... Nope, still get:
  6. Joe Dozzo

    Can't respond in my own MarketPlace thread...

    Not sure what but I cannot reply to any threads in the MarketPlace forum. Have not been able to since moving to this "new" forum. Not even my own post!
  7. Joe Dozzo

    Ford Motorsports 351C Valve Train Stabilizer

    Back in the day, Ford made some cast valve covers for the 351C that incorporated - essentially - a stud girdle. It used longer rocker studs that went just through the valve cover. Black and very sinister / throw-back looking! I had a set on my old Pantera and am now looking for a set to put...
  8. Joe Dozzo

    Seller's remorse...

    Had to get off post #666... Loved my old Pantera converted to Group V spec. Stroked to 406, aluminum heads, roller cam and 8 stacks of electronic fuel injection.
  9. Joe Dozzo

    Pike’s Peak Hill Climb

    If you go for this, I'll offer up my shop in Canon City for staging!
  10. Joe Dozzo

    New Racing Books - Marc VDS Racing - Ford GT1

    My copy of Marc VDS #40 arrived today. In a word, it is spectacular. If you have any interest in the GT1 series, the Matech GT's that competed or the Marc VDS team, this is highly recommended. Great photography, race results and the next best thing to having been there. Great job Steven.
  11. Joe Dozzo

    Fuel gauge

    Yep. Had that one and had their speedometer go bad. I dumped Speedhut for Autometer small gauges and original Ford GT speedo and tach.
  12. Joe Dozzo

    New Racing Books - Marc VDS Racing - Ford GT1

    Good to hear you've been busy! Photography is stunning, worthy additions to the heritage and GT1 collection. Will shoot you a note this week.
  13. Joe Dozzo

    Unexpected Avatar

    Agree, very nice! But gotta work on that aspect ratio a little.
  14. Joe Dozzo

    GT upgrade parts for sale

    PM Sent...
  15. Joe Dozzo

    Nylon push-in pins in front of trunk liner?

    Yes. Both my black '06 and white '05 had those front holes.
  16. Joe Dozzo

    Need pricing help on selling my 05

    $215K ($210 to Seller and $5K to Bat) seems to be the market
  17. Joe Dozzo

    2018 GT For Sale

    Beautiful car and darned close to what I'd have ordered were I as lucky as you. Sadly for me, being in the oil business with low prices and with COVID, this is, now, probably out of my reach. I hope you get all you want for the car ad best of luck with the sale! Did I say BEAUTIFUL car!!!
  18. Joe Dozzo

    New Owner - greetings from Marblehead, OHIO!

    Congratulations on the new car (and GREAT color combo!) - I don't think you'll ever regret it! Certainly been my best, most fun car, hands down. If you're having small gauge problems, go with the Autometers; I've had both and there are too many compromises - for me - with the Speedhut's...
  19. Joe Dozzo

    latest on rims and tires - prefer 19/F and 20/R

    GRRRRREEEEAAATTTT looking car!
  20. Joe Dozzo

    2021 Heritage GT - Pat Milliken Ford

    I love that this is available and HATE that I wasn't selected in either round. But congrats to any going with this configuration!