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  1. ultrasportracing

    GT Radiators

    Still looking for pics of top support for the radiators, Nothing clear in the manual or parts pics..
  2. ultrasportracing

    Ford GT front

    Can anyone post some pics of the front of the GT with the front cover removed showing the top radiator supports. I am rebuilding one from a major crash and dont have any of the parts,, Any thing would help..
  3. ultrasportracing

    3.9-1 diff ratio

    Does anyone know where to get the lower diff ratio. Stillen no longer stocks it..
  4. ultrasportracing

    front removable cross member

    Does any one have any pics of the front ally removable crossmember, still on the car and just behind where the two chassis members meet at the fuel tank opening or tunnel. ( I have a gap tapering out towards the tunnel) is this common on all cars. p
  5. ultrasportracing

    Ford GT Interior

    Ford GT Parts wanted, interior, door glass, seat belts, passengers seat or seat upholstery door rubbers and seals, door latches, and locks,wipers, any other interior parts..