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  1. ultrasportracing

    Pic upload

    Can`t upload a pic its omnly 168KB but says it needs to be downsized.. Have uploades over 200kb in the past without probs,, what gives..
  2. ultrasportracing

    Dual pressure switch Aircond

    Can anyone tell me if their Dual pressure swith for the aircond is connected. The switch is located on the top aircond line out of the condensor. Should be easy to see, just look down the right side of the condensor. According to the wiring manual, the swith is hard wired to the ECU, with out...
  3. ultrasportracing

    Electrical help needed

    Help anyone know what this part is, I don`t seem to have it.
  4. ultrasportracing

    Front wiring Harness

    Does anyone have any pics of the front wiring looms positioning through the front chassis, it appears they come from the junction box then travel under the chassis rails,, any pics would help.. Thanks.
  5. ultrasportracing

    Gauge modual

    Regarding the instrument panel gauge modual part numbers My part number is 4G7V-10849-AD.. The parts catologue lists it as 4G7Z-10E994-AA, anyone know anything about the difference.. Cheers
  6. ultrasportracing

    carbon brakes

    Anything ever come of the CARBON FIBRE brake rotors??????? They were dicussed back in 07
  7. ultrasportracing

    Additional light in with Fog light

    Any one familar with this fog light set up
  8. ultrasportracing

    Fog Light Covers

    Anyone have this problem with bad fit of fog light covers
  9. ultrasportracing

    Engine Cooling fan resistors

    Anyone know for sure if there is 1 resistor or 2. Manual talks about 2, but looks as though only 1 is functional.. Parts only shows 1.. HELP
  10. ultrasportracing

    Headlight Tech

    Has anyone had a headlight apart, Have got a bare light, but with internal glass, no electrics, any info would help , pics would be a lifesaver.
  11. ultrasportracing

    Intercooler water pump

    anybobody using an EMP WP29 water pump for their intercooling
  12. ultrasportracing

    Ford GT Engine parts

    I have a heap of engine parts for sale, from dry sump,baffles, pump,coil covers ,cam covers, front housing,oil filter and housing, oil pump covers(2) Alternator, air cond compressor and more. All new. Brand new transaxle still in box. exhaust manifolds used, engine mounts ally. open to serious...
  13. ultrasportracing

    Hub to knuckle bolts

    Anyone got a replacement genuine bolt for the discontinued hub to knuckle bolt 12mmX1.75x40mm. Manual lists front and rear different.. Front W500540-S???. Rear W506444-S???
  14. ultrasportracing

    Easy lowering and spring seat adjustment

    I have just fitted adjustable spring seats to my shocks, easy to adjust ride hight and corner weights,, $350.00 all up.. Re cut the circlip groove 100mm lower and machined a lip in the spring seats to allow the sleeve to go over the circlip..(some of us are on a budget)
  15. ultrasportracing

    Smaller blower pulley

    Hi guys, can anyone tell me the thickness of the spacer shims behind the power steering pump, when keeping the same length belt, with the smaller pulley
  16. ultrasportracing

    FGT Manual

    I have a 2005 manual, where can I get a 2006 and how much..
  17. ultrasportracing

    whats this

    Anyone know what the extra cable/hose is in this pic,, I know one is the main battery cable, Whats the other.
  18. ultrasportracing

    Straight Chassis

    My Chassis finally straight and true, ready for rbuild..
  19. ultrasportracing

    Exhaust Bracket

    All sortrd Thanks
  20. ultrasportracing

    GT Windscreen/Dash

    Can anyone post some from the front looking into the cabin with the windscreen removed, and from inside the cabin with the dash facia/top removed..