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    Personal message

    How do we send a PM, I cant find a link on the profile,
  2. ultrasportracing

    Fuel gauge

    I have speedhut gauges . My fuel gauge reads accurately when ignition turned on. But then reads full when engine is started. Turn engine off turn ignition on gauge reads nomal. Start engine gauge reads full. Anyone had a similar problem.
  3. ultrasportracing

    10,000mile or more club

    We have just reached 10,000miles in our 2005 GT. Apart from some early teething problems, we have had trouble free motoring with some fairly spirited driving, always draws a crowd , and great comments. I've had a lot of fast cars over the years but this one is definitely a keeper. Ill never tire...
  4. ultrasportracing

    10,000 miles

    My 05 GT is coming up to 10,000 miles. What a journey, have loved every minute of being behind the wheel, sure made up for the blood sweat and tears while rebuilding her. Only had one close call when taking off from traffic lights, always look before proceeding, sure enough an idiot ran a red...
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    Air conditioning

    My friends 06 GT has a problem when cycling through Hot to cold, on cold setting everything works fine, but turn to hot and none of the functions such as screen or floor don't work, any help would be appreciated.
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    torque head bolts

    any one know if Fenzo is still doing the Torque head bolts, looking for 200 odd. thanks Tried contacting Fenzo but no reply.
  7. ultrasportracing

    missing pieces

    Hi I have a friend who is rebuilding a 2006 model and has these parts from somewhere. I have toally rebuilt a GT and don't ever remember seeing anything like these. Anyone got any insight. Thanks From Australia.
  8. ultrasportracing

    new gauges

    Are the new replacement gauges still available and if so from where.
  9. ultrasportracing


    Has anyone tried to put the internals of a speedhut speedo and tach into the GT housings.My friend has a speedhut oil pressure gauge with the GT face and aluminium bezel fitted into it. only problem is it sticks out about 1/2in from the others
  10. ultrasportracing

    brake booster drawing

    Someone posted a blueprint drawing for our brake booster, showing parts and numbers, Tried a search but cant seem to find it.. SaskGT went to a lot of trouble for me, made a special box to send me a booster from Canada, but was damaged as well, so still need to get a booster. Cheers
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    I have the speedhut gauges fitted,, Very happy with them except for the Temp gauge, while warming up the gauge does not register until nearly at running temp, then it jumps to the running temp, then when thermostat opens it drops down to 0 again then will get up to running temps around the 160...
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    australian members

    Are there any Australian members on this forum,, would like to get a group together, especially from WA.
  13. ultrasportracing

    Transmission oil cooler

    Can anyone provide a schematic of the oil flow to and from the trans oil cooler, need to know which way the oil flows.. Cheers
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    Handbrake cable release

    Just a quick tip. If you need to remove the secondary rear hand brake cables, to get the Transaxle mount assemble off. Then use an allen wrench to rotate the handbrake caliper lever to release the cable as per pic below. Saves releasing the main cable..
  15. ultrasportracing

    Another one detroyed Looks like a 610 Roush copped up, parts seem to expensive,, wonder what the story is..
  16. ultrasportracing


    Anyone understand German or know about these models
  17. ultrasportracing


    Well I have been conned again,, Thought I had sourced a brake booster from The Wrench monkey in Canada,, They said they had one,, paid for and got an invoice,, waiting over 3 weeks nothing turned up.. Rang and they said we have no stock or never had any stock,, and we will refund your money...
  18. ultrasportracing

    Sloppy C/V joints

    Sloppy C?V joints Had a disappointing day, enjoyed driving the GT, filled the tank and set for some spirited driving. After a near full throttle take off with very little wheel spin, heard an unfamiliar sound coming through the drivetrain, then disappeared.. Slowed down and downchanged to...
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    Power brake booster

    Help, anyone know if the brake booster is a one off for the GT or did it come from another vehicle, or does anyone do an overhaul kit for them
  20. ultrasportracing

    Brake booster

    Anyone have problems with the power brake booster,, I have 2 new ones and neither of them will hold a vacuum???