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  1. Howard

    Sir Sterling Moss

    We lost Stirling Moss on April 10. RIP to one of the greatest of all time.
  2. Howard

    Xcentric's 2006 GT Available (Again)

    Car is sold (again). Thank you for all your interest, and thank you, Dave, for this Forum. All, stay well. Howard
  3. Howard

    Sarasota Exotic Car Show

    The theme was Ford vs Ferrari, with a line of Fords facing a line of Ferraris. Tachy's Heritage was the star of the show.
  4. Howard

    2006 Red Ford GT

    How many "high" mileage FGT's have been available with an appropriately discounted price? 2006 Red Ford GT, 36,000 miles, all four options. No stories, no accidents, clear CARFAX, maintained by a certified Ford GT tech (also certified to the NFGT). Bumper delete, long tube headers, bottom...
  5. Howard

    Greenwich Concours Bonhams Auction

    Great concours today in Connecticut. Our RPM217 was there with his beautiful 1st gen NSX. A liquid blue NFGT was in the same class. A 2006, 10,000 mile Heritage sold at auction for $370K, before commission.
  6. Howard

    WeatherTech Series At Lime Rock Park

    The Ford GT will be racing along with other LeMans GT cars on Saturday, July 22 at Lime Rock Park in Connecticut. There are a lot of us in the northeast so let's root for Team Ford together. Howard
  7. Howard

    Adjustable Spring Perches For Sale (Used)

    These spring perches are the ones produced by T&A Shocks (see eBay listing). I've had them on my GT for over five years and recently upgraded to Scott Ahlman shocks. These adjustable spring perches permit lowering of the car as well as corner balancing, both of which I did to my own car when I...
  8. Howard

    Intercooler Oil Vapor

    A year or so ago I installed a Moroso oil vapor separator to minimize the oil getting into and coating the S/C intercooler. I emptied the can for the first time after about 5000 leisurely miles today and I thought I would share the results with you. The can collected about 1/3 of a cup of oil...
  9. Howard

    Spare Tires

    Like many of you I recently upgraded to Bridgestones. I saved one OEM front and one rear tire to keep as spares in an emergency. Obviously they are of little value until I get them mounted on appropriate wheels. I'll be looking for damaged OEM takeoffs as well as inexpensive cast aluminum wheels...
  10. Howard

    "Mothers" Leather Cleaner Ad

    Someone at Mothers sure loves Ford GT's. Besides the gold GT we've all seen on most of their product labels, their latest ad for leather cleaner shows the interior of a GT, complete with Hot Buttons. Seen in May's AUTOMOBILE. Howard
  11. Howard

    Road & Track

    Did I miss (or, more likely, forget) that Road & Track has listed our Camilo Pardo on its Editorial Advisory Board? R&T has a new format, including oversize pages and 10 month/year subscription. So I looked at the staff names and was surprised to see Camilo. Is this old news? In any case...
  12. Howard

    More New Jersey Owners

    I always thought that New Jersey GT ownership was underrepresented (at least on the Forum) considering our population and average income. I was at a spectacular C&C today in Parsippany and met two new owners, both Tungsten like mine! One took delivery last week and the other receives his next...
  13. Howard

    Dec 12, 2011 AUTOWEEK, New Ford GT Race Car

    Page 87. New Ford GT race car being developed by Lambda Performance in Germany will be Le Mans eligible. Howard
  14. Howard

    Car No Start. Found Problem (I Think)

    Short version: All the symptoms of a dead battery....really dead. Hard to believe since there were no prior symptoms and I keep the car on a battery maintainer and use the car regularly. No radio, no gauges, no dash idiot lights, no horn. Barely enough juice to open the doors. Opened and closed...
  15. Howard

    Ford GT's At The Simione Museum In Philly

    The Simione Museum scheduled a live drive of their 1966 Mk II in their own five acre back lot on Saturday. I arrived in my FGT and they treated me like a member of the staff, inviting me to park in the back lot along with their GT-40 and vintage racing Corvette. All the cars were enjoyed by...
  16. Howard

    Robertson's Ford GT At Lime Rock

    I attended the ALMS race at Lime Rock today and spent a few moments with the Robertsons. They now have a second large trailer and are suddendly more popular than they were prior to LeMans! Their #1 car driven by Murray and Lazzaro finished 12th overall and 4th in class (ahead of a Ferrari by 1...
  17. Howard

    Belly Pan Screw P/N?

    Does anyone have the part number handy of the three large torx screws, and washers, on each rocker panel side of the center belly pan. Thanks in advance. Howard
  18. Howard

    Robertson racing slot car

    A slot car has just been issued of the ALMS Robertson Racing Doran Ford GT. I don't know any more about the model except a search indicated a $50 price. Howard
  19. Howard

    Ford gt in alms

    As most you know, Robertson Racing (David and Andrea) run two Doran Ford GT's in the ALMS series. I attended the Sebring series opener on Saturday and I'm delighted to report that one of their cars finished 8th in the GT Class. Remember that Porsche, Ferrari, BMW and Corvette all have full...
  20. Howard

    AUTOMOBILE MAGAZINE -- January, 2011

    I'm surprised no one has yet mentioned this article. Page 64," The Texas Mile". No Ford GT ink, except photo Of "F ENZO" and "MULLET" license plates! Howard