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    GT500 Allocation

    Looking for a no ADM GT500 allocation for a good friend. Not looking for a "Golden Ticket". Please PM me if you have any leads. Willing to wait for a 2021.
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    2005 Ford GT 500 Miles For Sale

  3. GT Venum

    105 Octane Race Gas

    My GT has a pulley, tune and GT Guys exhaust. The tune was done for 93 octane. Is there any issue with running 105 octane race gas? Does it need to be retuned?
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    Seat Covers

    Custom Seat Covers My sister-n-law is making a batch of seat covers as showin the pictures and is taking order now. The Seat Covers are made from the highest quality materials and are custom-designed to perfectly fit our seats. Whether you are looking to protect your leather, make your...
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    Ferrari F80 concept
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    Trouble in the Garage (Visit from Mickey)

    Walked in the garage this afternoon and saw a mouse. I have 2 live traps in there at all times and have never caught a single mouse and have never even seen a mouse in the garage for the last 11 years. So I went out and bought 8 good old traps. Will check in the morning to see if the...
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    Kissimmee 2014

    There are 3 GT's already listed for the January auction.
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    Buffalo, New York

    Is there anyone close to Buffalo that could go look at a car (not a GT) in the next day or two? Thanks
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    Road America

    Had a great day at Road America. Unfortunately we didn't have our GT.
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    GT Guys Coming to Wisconsin May 18th and 19th

    GT Guys Coming to Wisconsin (New Dates to Follow) Hi all Wisconsin and Northern Illinois GT owners. The dates have been set for Rich and Dennis to come back to Wisconsin and work on our GT's. On their first trip here, we had 5 GT's show up and have work done. Mark your calendars; they will...
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    Pinnacle Souverän™ Carnauba Paste Wax

    I know this is short notice but Autogeek has its Pinnacle Souverän™ Carnauba Paste Wax on sale for $59.95 normally $95.00. The sale only goes to midnight tonight.
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    WTB Ford GT

    I am looking to purchase a GT with 2,000 miles or less. Please PM me if you are considering selling your GT.
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    Black Rims

    Does anyone have pictures of a Red GT with Black Rims?
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    WTB Blue or Heritage GT

    I am starting my search for a Blue or Heritage GT with 3,000 miles or less. I have contacted the usual people and they are looking for a GT for me but I thought I would see if anyone was thinking of selling their Blue or Heritage GT. Thanks
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    Road America

    Went to Road America today to watch the Vipers race.
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    Underground Garage
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    Sasha Unveils Ferrari 612 GTO Concept | Technoriztic

    Ferrari Unveils 612 GTO Concept by Sasha | Technoriztic
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    My GT is stored in a heated garage. What humidity level should I keep the garage?
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    I am looking to order a 2012 Raptor and just came across this video. Does anyone know when you will be able to order the 2012 Raptors?