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  1. ultrasportracing

    Fuse Box Diagram

    How much is it worth, and how much weight saving did you get.
  2. ultrasportracing

    Ford GT back up camera install and photos

    I have one on the front as well, Great for parking, just flip athe switch from front to rear same screen differnt view. Was a bit of mucking around to run the wiring,but worth it.
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    Thankyou, now we all know about the relays.. Thanks again.
  4. ultrasportracing

    Lost a rondel—-8

    Any sign shop will be able to lazer cut what you want.
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    Have you checked to see if you have 12volts at the plug. What happened to the original light.
  6. ultrasportracing

    Stripe Delete

    Mine is a 2005 and has painted over the top stripes
  7. ultrasportracing

    Check engine light help

    Clear codes and go for a drive
  8. ultrasportracing

    Fuel gauge

    Update on my fuel gauge. The gauge now moves very slowly, was a 1/3 full. After filling up, the gauge took a long time to finally reach full. Im hoping its not the sender unit, in the tank.
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    Personal message

    Ive started a conversation but didnt get a reply.
  10. ultrasportracing

    Stripe Delete

    my vin ends in 2048 I assume the serial number is the last digits of the car doesnt show up. Its blue with side stripes.
  11. ultrasportracing

    Personal message

    Is that something everyone can see or is it personal only.
  12. ultrasportracing

    Personal message

    How do we send a PM, I cant find a link on the profile,
  13. ultrasportracing

    Fuel gauge

    I have speedhut gauges . My fuel gauge reads accurately when ignition turned on. But then reads full when engine is started. Turn engine off turn ignition on gauge reads nomal. Start engine gauge reads full. Anyone had a similar problem.
  14. ultrasportracing

    3.90 ring and pinion (available again)

    Pity I cant drive a car with the lower gears to see if it warrants the $12,000 .
  15. ultrasportracing

    3.90 ring and pinion (available again)

    Is that $2000 or$11000 for the R&P.
  16. ultrasportracing

    3.90 ring and pinion (available again)

    also does changing the final drive.ratio effect.the speedo.
  17. ultrasportracing

    New Wipers

    We just change the rubber insert.
  18. ultrasportracing

    GT Guy (Rich Brooks) Still in Business ?

    Check to see if you are getting 12volts at the starter.
  19. ultrasportracing

    Used wheels

    Around $3000 depending on tyres