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  1. Howard

    Fuse Box Diagram

    "...Life of the car"? Selling early?
  2. Howard

    Finally Pulled the trigger

    I'm in Venice. We'll find one another.
  3. Howard

    GT Guy (Rich Brooks) Still in Business ?

    Regardless, change your "Battery Tender" for a "C-TEK".
  4. Howard

    10,000mile or more club

    You couldn't go .4 more miles??
  5. Howard

    New guy in FL searching for red or silver 05/06

    I can recommend a GT tech in Sarasota, as well as Heffner.
  6. Howard

    oil change in Chicago?

    I do mine on jack stands, too. I use a small floor jack to support the far end of each belly pan, in turn, while I remove the last screws from the other end. Yes, "snap" the filter into the cap. If you don't get the snap, the filter isn't seated. I haven't figured a way to avoid a bit of a mess...
  7. Howard

    Serious question for guys who actually drive these cars a lot

    If your Borla is droning it may have bad internal baffles, a known issue with the early version. Good Borlas don't drone at any rpm. Love mine, especially on long trips.
  8. Howard

    Car is dead, but not the battery

    Battery ground at the chassis.
  9. Howard

    Finally own a Ford GT...

    Doug, I'm very familiar with that first GT you mentioned at the Vulcan Motor Club in Chester. I enjoyed a part time job with Vulcan leading exotic car parades for customers. That Ford GT went through three clutches before the club gave up on manuals, because so many customers couldn't drive...
  10. Howard


    I replaced my OEM GT battery with a high quality AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) type in a Group 25 size. Been working perfectly for years. Just be very careful to protect the positive terminal which comes very close to the frame. It is not an Odyssey or Optima.
  11. Howard

    10,000mile or more club

    Do I get the Florida lead? 42,000 miles.
  12. Howard

    WANTED: Console Storage Unit By Kip

    Doesn't Rubbermaid make a close fit?
  13. Howard

    Question about Sensors

    For what it's worth, I've purchased from Rock Auto with no issues. Like nota4re said, you can usually pick a manufacturer from multiple options. But MAF's are so modestly priced I would probably buy OEM from Tasca.
  14. Howard

    Sir Sterling Moss

    We lost Stirling Moss on April 10. RIP to one of the greatest of all time.
  15. Howard

    Deep Sleep Mode??

    Kaiser Darrin......nice.
  16. Howard

    Tire stagger

    Me, too.
  17. Howard

    Social distancing GT style

    I have organized a neighborhood collector car Parade of about an hour's length. No need to get out of the car. Develop a route, pick a meeting time and place and begin the tour. The tour leader picks the next week's leader, who decides on the day and route of the next tour. Lots of horn honking...
  18. Howard

    Alcantara protection

    Porsche offers a no-cost steering wheel leather option on their alcantara interiors.