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  1. Howard

    Our Order Kit arrived today!

    I volunteer to be sterilized for an allocation. Howard
  2. Howard


    News to me. A happy retirement to Denis. Work hard and stay well, Rich! Howard
  3. Howard

    Sarasota FL Ford

    You can't go wrong with Rick. He is the only one who works on Ford GT's there. Very knowledgeable, thorough and meticulous. Sarasota Ford has also made the investment in servicing new Ford Gt's. I know first hand Rick has done clutches, oil pumps, exhausts. Howard
  4. Howard

    Wheel Powder Coating

    I have never personally used their services but Wheel Collision has an excellent reputation from some well known wheel/suspension shops in the north Jersey area. They send their refurbishment work to Bath. Howard
  5. Howard

    Ford Performance 2017 LeMans video

    Much more than just "The Pass". A great watch. Howard
  6. Howard

    2006 Ford GT coil overs

    I wonder if the car has been lowered enough for the springs to unload and rattle on rebound. I was warned about that by Scott Ahlman when I spec'd out my shocks. That can be remedied by raising the car slightly or installing helper springs. Howard
  7. Howard

    LeMans 2017 Pictures & Stories

    That would be Jim Padillo, former FORD executive during the FGT gestation. He is looking quite trim and healthy after (I think) a knee replacement. We Florida west coasters see Jim at Marty Schorr's bi-weeklyCafe Racer luncheons. Howard
  8. Howard

    The real most important first mod....

    You just voided your warranty. (LOL) Howard
  9. Howard

    LeMans 2017 Pictures & Stories

    ^^^^ Best post of the day. Howard
  10. Howard

    LeMans 2017 Pictures & Stories

    It's now a half hour after the race on FOX and I only learned on this Forum that Ford took 2nd in the final lap. Decent coverage on FOX until the end. FOX still shows Corvette in second. I'm still not sure where Ford finished. Howard
  11. Howard

    The Return: A Documentary About The Ford GT's 50th Anniceraary Le Mans Win

    I just watched this movie. If you're on this Forum (and I'm pretty sure you are) you must see this. Howard
  12. Howard

    Clamshell Gas Strut Specs

    My FORD struts (recently replaced) had a Suspa build date of 12/06 so they must have been installed shortly after my 2006 FGT was delivered to its original owner (I bet there's a story there). These Ford GT Suspa struts are manufactured in Germany (not all Suspa struts are) and are very...
  13. Howard


    Congrats. Great color choice. Looks better on the NFGT than on any Porsche. Howard
  14. Howard

    Recommendations for Service in Northern New Jersey

    Will do next time, Doug. Howard
  15. Howard

    Recommendations for Service in Northern New Jersey

    I should be there before 5:15, Bill. Howard
  16. Howard

    2017 Greenwich Concours

    Your car looked great, Ken. It was a pleasure meeting you there. Howard
  17. Howard

    Recommendations for Service in Northern New Jersey

    Good to know. Thanks, Bill. Howard
  18. Howard

    Recommendations for Service in Northern New Jersey

    Hmm. Vernon Coach? Have they worked on any Ford GT's or are they developing their skills on yours? The weekly cruise-in at Wykoff is at the Christian Reformed Church on Cedar Hill Ave, off of Route 208. Weather permitting I plan to be there late Wednesday afternoon. You can arrive any time...
  19. Howard

    Recommendations for Service in Northern New Jersey

    Where is "spellcheck" when you need it? Howard
  20. Howard

    Recommendations for Service in Northern New Jersey

    Funny, I just walked in the door from a Dr's appointment in Kinnelon. I'll be at the Greenwich Concours all weekend (you should be, too). Let's plan on next week. Cruise-In in Wykoff Wednesday late afternoon, weather permitting. Howrad