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  1. Howard

    Fuse Box Diagram

    I can change my own oil!
  2. Howard

    Should or Must do's for tracking GT.... + prep

    Another thing to consider is that you didn't drive around long enough for the heater to be effective. It takes my GT a very long time to throw heat after engine warm up: ten minutes? Howard
  3. Howard

    Barrett Jackson Scottsdale

    It's always a risk. In the early days who really knew the GT would appreciate? If you love the car the value is secondary.....within reason.
  4. Howard


    Bernz-O-Matic and hammer-drill. Ok, seriously, warm heat and plastic tool for weight removal.
  5. Howard


    I take the old wheel weights off myself prior to delivering the wheels and tires for mounting.
  6. Howard


    Interview the manager and tip the installer before the job.
  7. Howard

    Feeling nostalgic

    Somehow I missed you there, Paul.
  8. Howard

    Trusted Florida shops for new clutch fitmen?

    Rick at Sarasota Ford has done clutches. Totally reliable and talented, but will be pricey through the dealership. Also, they keep Rick very busy and you'll probably have to wait your turn. May be worth a call though.
  9. Howard

    Airbag recall question

    The GT tech (Rick) at Sarasota Ford is terrific. He is meticulous and services many FGT's and NFTG's in the area. If that's who gets sent, you're getting the best. If not, drive to Sarasota after making an appointment to have Rick do the job.
  10. Howard

    Photos of the day we bought our Ford GT's.

    That's quite all right, it's good to bring him back occasionally. .
  11. Howard

    Should or Must do's for tracking GT.... + prep

    I did the same thing with yellow tire marker.
  12. Howard

    What would prevent you from putting your # 98 in the garage?

    Congrats, Bill. Good to see a car like that in Jersey.
  13. Howard

    L259 Delivered 0900 on 1/20/21

    Was that Ryan at Auto Paint Guard?He did a couple of my cars in the past.
  14. Howard

    Should or Must do's for tracking GT.... + prep

    Also blue tape the entire windshield.
  15. Howard

    Bernie and his GT

    Driving gloves?
  16. Howard

    Removing wheel covers on standard wheels

    ^^^ I miss Xcentric.
  17. Howard

    Fuel gauge troubleshoot

    Aren't all the small gauges identical on the inside, getting their signal from the controller and only differing by the gauge face?
  18. Howard

    Happy Birthday GTJOEY

    See you at Amelia?
  19. Howard

    New V8 in the works??

    Mid 50's Nash: