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  1. Pat Milliken Ford

    Voodoo Blue delivery!

    Check out Ivler’s Voodoo Blue 2020 GT! Looks so killer. It changes also in different lighting. I love this blue. The spec was perfect with the carbon wheels and carbon lowers paired with the orange calipers. It will definitely turn lots of heads! Garen killed it again on the custom print web...
  2. Pat Milliken Ford

    2021 Heritage GT - Pat Milliken Ford

    Hello everyone! I love the new Heritage GT that was just announced. The exposed carbon fiber front looks so killer! In celebration of the new 2021 Heritage GT, if you are awarded a Heritage and choose PM Ford as your delivery dealer we would love to outfit you with a Heritage hat, polo...
  3. Pat Milliken Ford

    2006 Corvette Z06

    Hey everyone! We just took in the 2006 Z06. 30,600 miles and it is in really nice condition! It has a Stage 2 Katech package which from what I have learned is a very reputable company for Vettes. I drove it briefly and it drives great and pulls hard! These are more mid to top range cars and...
  4. Pat Milliken Ford

    2020 GT350R AVAIL

    Hi everyone! We currently have a 2020 Shelby GT350R in stock. Rapid Red, no stripes, tech package, carbon I/P and vehicle cover. MSRP - $77,425. Call or text me if interested! Kevin Koshkarian - 248-921-8616
  5. Pat Milliken Ford


    Hello everyone! Just wanted to post some pics and say thanks to all that came out to the movie premier of Ford V Ferrari. We had a nice turnout of about 50 of us! Weather didn't cooperate for people to bring their cars but that is Michigan weather for ya!
  6. Pat Milliken Ford

    Front license plate bracket

    Hi everyone. I'm sure no one here has never bolted the front license plate bracket on the new GT right? lol For those who live in states that demand a front license plate what have you been doing? Just sold another to California and the owner would love a way to have it on there when needed...
  7. Pat Milliken Ford


    Hi everyone! We have 3 brand new packaged titanium exhaust's in stock for the new GT. This is the exact exhaust that is optional out of the factory. Special price is $3400 plus shipping. Yes it was $10k out of the factory for the 2017-2019 model year. Great way for those that didn't get...
  8. Pat Milliken Ford


    Hi everyone and happy Friday! Haven't done this for awhile. I have a new quiz question for you Winner get's a new Ford GT team shirt! Here is the question: What are ALL the exterior differences between the a 2019 Carbon GT and a 2019 Carbon GT with the Exterior Accent Color Package? Thanks...
  9. Pat Milliken Ford

    K107 delivery!

    Wanted to say thanks to for choosing us to complete this GT purchase! A great spec of a silver carbon series with red accent. The silver is one of the best that really shows the lines of the car and carbon stripe looks great with it. The weather couldn’t of been better. Looking forward to...
  10. Pat Milliken Ford

    2019 Shelby GT-H Mustang!

    Hi everyone, we just received this brand new Shelby GT-H Mustang! It is #22 of out only 100 built. It has the optional supercharger that gives it 700 plus hp! Upgraded suspension, half shafts, cooling and much much more. It looks awesome and drives amazing. Incredibly fast. The upfit was...
  11. Pat Milliken Ford

    2018 GT350R available!

    Hi everyone! We currently have a 2018 Orange Fury, no stripes, black roof GT350R available. Has the electronics pkg and vehicle cover. About 1200 miles. I will post pics asap. All stock. Never ever tracked. Rare color for a R! $67500 obo. Call me at 313-387-7304 or 248-921-8616 if...
  12. Pat Milliken Ford

    2019 GT350R AVAILABLE

    Hi everyone! We just got allocated a 2019 GT350R and it can be ordered to your specs. The catch is Ford wants the order by Friday. Anyone out there interested in one?! Price is MSRP to Forum members. Give me a call! 313-387-7304 work or 248-921-8616 cell - Kevin Koshkarian
  13. Pat Milliken Ford

    2019 RAPTORS!

    Hi everyone! We have 13 2019 Raptors coming in. Most already have vin numbers. If anyone is interested I will give a great deal on one of these. Let me know! :)
  14. Pat Milliken Ford

    K035 Pat Milliken Ford Delivery

    Yesterday Jeff Francis took delivery of this sweet Carbon Series/Red Accent GT! The black against the carbon looks so killer. What a perfect California day it was. 65 degrees and sunny :). There was a huge turnout of over 50 people. Then to make it even better Richard and Jerry showed up with...
  15. Pat Milliken Ford

    Happy New Year!

    Hi everyone, I just wanted to say Happy New Year and thank you for all the support you have given us last year. We really appreciate the past business and look forward to more this coming year! What a great community of people this is. How cool also is it that everyone drives their GT’s and...
  16. Pat Milliken Ford

    Pat Milliken Ford - Camilo deliv!

    Congrats to Camilo Pardo on getting his 2018 GT! Ordered in Frozen White with Shadow Black lowers. He was really impressed with the craftsmanship of this car. We had one up on a lift for him to look at and he was able to see all the differences between the one he designed (2005-2006) and the...
  17. Pat Milliken Ford

    Pat Milliken Ford GT delivery today!

    Hi everyone, We were honored to get our 2018 Heritage GT today. Bruce and Brian Godfrey took delivery of it at 2:30pm. Between the both of them they own a 2005 GT, 2010 GT500, 2014 GT500, 2015 GT350R and 4 older Ford's from the 30's. It is really cool to actually work with owners that are...
  18. Pat Milliken Ford

    2017 Mustang Shelby FP350S for sale

    Hi everyone, We have access to a brand new Shelby FP350S! This is the real deal if you want a race car or track car. They have only built 50 of these so they are rare! Please let me know asap as it will go fast. Here is a nice write up on it...
  19. Pat Milliken Ford

    Another print done!

    Hi everyone! Wanted to show you the latest print we had done for Mark Schulz’s 2018 Lightning Blue GT. This one was done by Garen Nicoghosian who was Exterior Design Manager of the new GT! Now of course he is Head of Design for Multimatic. Very talented individual obviously and more...
  20. Pat Milliken Ford

    2016 GT350R FOR SALE!

    Hi everyone, 2016 Oxford White GT350R available! - 438 miles - Electronics pkg - Painted black roof - Vehicle cover Full clear wrap also has been done to this R! It is in like new condition. Pristine. Been parked inside a heated garage since bought new. Never ever saw rain. Never...