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    Additional fan control

    I would like to have an additional way of turning on at least the low speed fan and possibly both fans outside the control of the PCM. What would be the safe way of doing this without risking damage to the PCM? I still want to retain control of the fans via the PCM. Perhaps a grounding of an...
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    Ignition capacitors

    My ignition capacitors at the back of the block were accidentally left disconnected. The engine still starts. What is the function of these? Thanks, David
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    Supercharger pump

    I am looking at the Helm manual and I cannot find where it talks about the parameters for when the supercharger pump turns on. Anybody know when the PCM turns on the supercharger cooling pump? Thanks, David
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    Zero mile take-off Clutch and flywheel for sale

    I decided to start selling parts I am not going to use. I have placed a take-off clutch and flywheel with zero miles on ebay. It was removed from a crate motor I purchased for a project car. Clutch is located in Tucson Arizona...
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    Oil temperature

    Where is a good spot to place an oil temp sensor? Is it a good idea to tee it off of the pressure gauge or to modify the oil tank for a bung? Thanks, David
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    Extending front O2 sensor wires

    Has anyone extended the front O2 sensor wires? I see where they make O2 extender harnesses for Mustangs but I was told they don't fit the GT wiring harness plug. Thanks, David
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    oil pump belt interchange experiment

    Out of curiosity I ordered a H.O.T. belt from Grainger to compare to the Ford oil pump belt. It is a Continental ContiTech SilentSync belt part number Y-720. It is described as a 8MM pitch 90 tooth 720 mm length belt. It looks like an exact dimensional fit. The belt does seem to be stiffer...
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    Engine and transmission count

    Does anyone know how many complete GT engines and transmissions were built? Thanks, Dave
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    Ford GT Block

    I have a never used M-6010-GT block for sale here in Phoenix Arizona. I bought it as a spare. The block is for local pickup only. I can hold it if someone wants to pick it up while here for the Barrett-Jackson auction. PM me if you are interested. •Original equipment for the 2005-2006 Ford...
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    Fuel Pump Driver Module connector

    Does anybody have a source for the connector to the FPDM? Original supplier? Is it the same as another vehicle such as a F150? Thanks!
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    Got to admire the engineering at least.
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    Mustang based spy car
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    Interesting project

    Found the following where the guy adapted corvette brakes to a GT.
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    Designer tires
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    Oil spec answer

    FYI, Found the following thread on the Team Shelby site where the oil spec question was posed to Ford last month.
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    Size of Ford Racing transaxle cooler

    Hi, Does anyone have the measurements, width, height, and thickness of the Ford Racing Transaxle cooler? Anyone know the BTU rating? Thanks, David
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    Kirkham project

    Info from David Kirkham on his price is almost no object project. ""
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    test post

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    GT and RBT transmissions

    Hi, I have read in the GT press releases that the GT originally was fitted with a RBT(ZF) six speed transmission before Ford decided to go with the Ricardo. If anyone has information on the bell housing, starter, clutch, and flywheel used could they PM me? I'm doing a project car with a GT...
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    New Ford Supecharger part

    Could this be the mysterious Ford GT pulley kit? M-6066-SGT ""