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  1. NJGT

    Autoblog NGT review

    Positive review from Autoblog on the NGT. Something to take your mind off the depressing headlines.
  2. NJGT

    NGT shares gearbox with AMG GT/SLS

    I've had a part of the NGT for years without knowing it.
  3. NJGT

    Raceway Park closes drag strip

    The iconic Raceway Park has ended drag racing as they will be leasing space to an auto salvage auction company. While racing had become less frequent over the years due to ever-tightening noise restrictions-only 10 unmuffled days a year, it is still sad to see the home of the Summernationals...
  4. NJGT

    Ford GT Deliveries

    Ford March sales release shows 2 Ford GT's delivered in March bringing year-to-date total to 5. DBK, Is there a production hold on the car that would account for the low deliveries post the December...
  5. NJGT

    German Raptor

    G550 4x4 squared coming to Amerika, Jan 10 build date February delivery. Amazing build quality on these virtually hand built off roaders. This will replace my G63 and come in handy in New Jersey where like in Dearborn we go off-road everyday on our pothole-strewn roads.
  6. NJGT

    Velocity Ford GT-a-thon tomorrow

    For those owners featured in the show on the 05-06 car, Ford GT: An American Icon you will be able to see yourselves again tomorrow 9/20 when Velocity runs all 6 shows back-to-back starting at 10am eastern.
  7. NJGT

    Ford GT- An American Icon moves to Velocity

    Just saw on the Velocity site that they will be showing the program starting Saturday July 2 at 10 am with a rerun Sunday at 9am. Having watched the FS2 coverage of the new GT win at Le Mans 50 years after the iconic 1966 1-2-3 finish it will be nice to once...
  8. NJGT

    Clarkson ragging on the GT - again

    On tonight's Top Gear Clarkson was badmouthing the new GT referring to the alarm issues he had with his 05. Likes the NSX so looks like we won't have to worry about him getting allocated a new GT.
  9. NJGT

    Whose Ford GT in Mothers ad?

    Pages 29 and 87 of May 2012 Motor Trend. Australian Ford GT badge on the rear grille
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    Global Spotlight, Part Deux – BMG Ford GT Wins Again

    from Ford Racing site: Global Spotlight, Part Deux – BMG Ford GT Wins Again Matheus Stumpf and Valdeno Brito, back in the driver’s seat of the No. 7 BMG Ford GT for their first race in more than a month, scored another first place in the 16th race of the 2011 GT3 Brazil Series, at Campo Grande...
  11. NJGT

    Hot Rod Lincolns?

    DBK - any truth to the rumor that Lincoln wants to create some performance variants as per autoblog story below? Have you seen any of the new Lincoln products in the pipeline?
  12. NJGT

    SLS goes Heritage

    at NY Auto Show
  13. NJGT

    GT500 Crate Engine With GT Aluminum Block

    JDM Engineering put together a GT 500 crate motor for my Lightning. The motor uses JDM's Ford GT wet sump conversion aluminum 5.4 shortblock. Includes upgraded rods, Manley Valves, Valvesprings, Retainers, and Ford GT cams and most importantly a 3.4 Whipple powdercoated white to match the...
  14. NJGT

    Dealer Service In New Jersey

    Has anyone on the board had their car serviced in North or Central Jersey? I bought my car in Pennsylvania but want to find a servicing dealer closer to home. Any of you Jersey Boys get ticketed yet for no front plate?
  15. NJGT

    Front Licence Plate Mount

    Any tips on how to mount a licence plate in the front. I would rather not do it but don't want want to get a ticket from the uniformed tax collectors in the Peoples Republic of NJ.