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    Stuck in Dubai

    Due to a technical hitch with my passport am stranded here in Dubai till friday the 26th.Not having much to do except sampling the excellent golf,thought I would check out the motorsport scenario.Is anyone aware of any forum members here who I could tap for info.Thanks, JP
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    Suppressing exhaust sound

    I have both my GTs due to go for their 3 year control to the motor vehicle dept.Both have X pipes and will not clear the max db regulations.As things stand I would have to switch both to the original mufflers--a very time consuming and expensive excercise here since having got used to the sound...
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    Mercedes SL 65 Black Series

    670HP , 1200NM torque curtailed to 1000NM.Interesting video.
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    Need Help

    Great weather today so took the Red GT for a spin.Redlined !st,2nd,3rd twice and saw the temp climb past 220.Stopped the car and checked and found both cooling fans and AC compressor not working.Any suggestions on what I could check for.JT
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    Shelby is a gentleman

    Shelby,Many thanks for the black GT.Look forward to getting another from you soon.Rgds,JT
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    GT suspension recalls

    I have just imported a 2005 GT into Switzerland and in the course of the last 4 days since taking delivery have clocked 225miles.The ride ,handling and perfomance are awesome viz a viz the Astons,Bentleys and the SLR I have. I have however noticed on the GT a warning of the Gauge which keeps...