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  1. spartan

    American Speed Festival at MI Concourse
  2. spartan

    How to tell if your CF panels have been repainted (in the future)

    This may actually apply to our GT's: An attribute for appraising Back in the day, the carbon fiber weave on the F40s may not have been as visible off the production line but as the years go by and the carbon fiber goes through...
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    GT App is now working

    I played with the GT app that I downloaded a couple months ago and reported several compatibility bugs running it on my iPhone. The Ford development team fixed the bugs. Its pretty cool! Download from the app store. Let me know what bugs you encounter any issues as they asked for feedback.
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    GT4 video

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    Why do this?
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    Carbon Ceramic rotors for track use?

    I don't have experience with Carbon Ceramic brakes (and pads) durability on the track. I wonder if changing to steel may be a better option? Looking for feedback...
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    Source for 2005 GT polycarbonate windshield?

    Does anyone know a source for polycarbonate windshields for the 2005 GT?
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    Track video @ M1 Concourse with NGT

    First session just trying to learn the car.
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    Akrapovic exhaust turning blue?

    After my first track day the inside of the tips are turning blue. Looks cool. Anyone else experience this?
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    M1 Concourse Cars and Coffee is back this Saturday
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    Ford Mustang GTR350R has set a new Nurburgring record

    Pretty cool old article:
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    Ford Performance To Host Online All-Ford Car Show

    DEARBORN, Mich., May 20, 2020 – As summer approaches, the calendar draws closer to prime car show season in the States, a time for community camaraderie over the shared love of automobiles. In order to better serve its enthusiast community, Ford Performance has decided to host an online all-Ford...
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    Ford Performance GT App

    I downloaded the app but have not used it yet. Anyone use this app?
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    Carbon Revolution Wheels

    Spent some time admiring the CF wheels while applying the ceramic coating. Pretty cool stuff. For your tire shop :
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    Akrapovic Exhaust

    I'm thinking many have extra time to learn about the components on our cars. I did not even know this company existed until the GT was released.
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    Alcantara protection

    After a bit of research I purchased this to protect my Alcantara interior. No affiliation with Chemical Guys. This video does a comparison between treated and non treated fabric. Looks impressive. I'm sure there are other products available. What have others used?
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    Post application video - Thank you Ford

    From the bottom of my heart. Thank you Ford. (I know my car is not a liquid carbon. The production guys did that without asking me. I will leave it alone.)
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    Paint Protection advice

    1) Do most of you have paint correction done before PPF? I have 19 miles and have not driven the car but it does have very light scratches. Hard to see but if you look really hard it’s there. 2) What is the best way to do the exhaust area. Xpel pre cut kit goes around the tips and some have...
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    Canadian border causing delays?

    Has anyone heard if the Canadian border closing is causing delivery delays? I found the answer: The border between Canada and the U.S. will close for nonessential travel. President Donald Trump confirmed the news in a tweet on Wednesday morning. "We will be, by mutual consent, temporarily...
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    Ford VP challenges Tesla Cybertruck tow battle This will be interesting.