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    Carroll Hall Shelby, Dies today at age 89

    The race is over for Carroll - he won in so many ways. RIP
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    Dear Santa

    All I want is for my bank to stop signing their communications with me 'LOL'
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    "around the world in a ford gt"

    Looked like a lot of fun. Looked like a lot of snow! eeeek!
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    London Trip

    You should have mentioned you were coming over..... I'm in London all the time, would have been delighted to have bought you lunch. Next time...!
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    Polaroid -> Apple

    Fantastic.... I'd love a commune stuffed with mistresses. Top bloke.
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    GT Joey's Interview with Jay Leno

    I loved mine..... :)
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    Corn Harvest by hand with horses

    Compared to the barn on my property, that one is practically brand new! Looks like a lot of hard work, and a lot of fun too.... how did you get on?
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    Incredible Color pictures from the 30's and 40's

    Very hard times back then and very different lives....... Over here we were at war, soon to be joined by the USA. I wonder how the lives for the black cotton pickers were back then? Pretty grim I should imagine. I find old photography quite fascinating. In the same way when you look at a...
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    GT Joey's Interview with Jay Leno

    A fun interview with the ambassadors of the GT! :)
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    Happy Birthday - Piccola

    And belated birthday wishes from me too! xx
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    Delivery of my new Ford GT

    Nice! :) Such a great color too....
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    The F1 ace Jenson Buttons GT is For Sale

    There's another for sale - a blue with stripe for $247k at the moment in the UK ..... Quite a price disparity.
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    Mountune GT on the podium in Portugal

    Congratulations! Fantastic result......
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    Got rear ended in GT, was thinking of bumper delete, till I see what its

    Holy smoke! That photo above is a nightmare! Bentley, Ferrari, Rolls Royce, Porsche and maybe an Aston (?). I wonder what happened?
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    A bit ponderous, but the 'father' of your Ford GT

    A very early coal-powered whipple on the back there.
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    1964/65 aston martin db5

    I always thought the Vanquish was interesting when you're on a hill or any incline. It doesn't have a torque converter (being a manual box, but operated by paddles with an air shift system), so the car will roll backwards. I learned how to shuffle my left foot over to the brake (when stopped)...
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    Ten year anniversary of 9 11 is approaching

    I'm sorry you lost friends - so many of us are connected in some way or another to that awful, awful day.... There are so many programs about 9/11 running on UK TV and it's so distressing to watch. The thought of all those thousands of innocent souls and their dreadful plight. I love New York...
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    1964/65 aston martin db5

    Congratulations! As you know, I had a Vanquish for a while - what a joyful noise it made too! :)
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    Tungsten GT in Paradise Valley Arizona

    Currently cold and wet in the UK. The summer has vanished without telling anyone........ How lovely to be too hot!! We can only dream about that over here. :)
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    1964/65 aston martin db5

    Will do - will try later today.......