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  1. Roadtrip

    Mike Littrell's Application Video

    My Application Video I've been a bit of a lurker lately (not as much of a participant) but I decided to do a video for my second application... Then I realized its supposed to be 60 seconds or less... Yikes!!! So now there are two versions... I hope Ford looks at the long one (below), it makes...
  2. Roadtrip

    Removing Passenger Cat to weld and re-install questions about it

    Last year I was driving and heard a Pop, then noticed my exhaust note dropped a few decibels. I immediately brought to my office and parked it. Looked in the engine bay and noticed the Pass Catalytic Converter cracked perfectly along the front seam where it reduces into the header. I want to...
  3. Roadtrip

    Configurator Change for Matte Black

    Sorry if this has been posted already. But just noticed that Ford updated the NFG configurator and no longer has a Shadow (Gloss) Black stripe option on the Matte Black paint choice. It appears that all stripes now are Matte Finish on the Matte Black car. Too Bad, Gloss Black stripes looked...
  4. Roadtrip

    Are race red and lightning blue stripes metallic?

    Are race red and lightning blue stripes metallic? It would be pretty nice if they were.
  5. Roadtrip

    Harry Tincknell: “the ford gt is lovely to drive”

    :thumbsup Great Read on The Checkered Flag
  6. Roadtrip

    Chicago Auto Show

    Took My Wife and youngest Daughter on Thursday and my oldest this morning. I really had reservations about the white, but WOW!!! It's beautiful, crisp and clean.
  7. Roadtrip

    New toy Spyker!!!

    Thanks Tim for your feedback... I pulled the trigger and bought an '09 Laviolette with 3800 miles, other than the 2 hour drive from Chicago in rush hour traffic, this car is bat shit crazy awesome and my left leg is now extremely strong :thumbsup :biggrin
  8. Roadtrip

    Spyker C8 ??? Anyone one here have experience with one?

    Hey guys, I've been banging around the idea of buying a Spyker C8. Has anyone here had experience with one (Good or Bad)? My big concern is reliability and drivability. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Mike
  9. Roadtrip

    Waiting for new Raptor... Decided to go old school... Picked up a '78 Bronco :-)

    :biggrin It took me two whole seconds to fall in love with this thing. Reminded me of my teenage years and couldn't hold back. My wife and one of my daughters think its ugly, but to me its perfect. I told her its my winter car (PS it'll never see snow or salt). :facepalm: Fully rotisserie...
  10. Roadtrip

    Heard an odd rumor...that the first run was already pre sold, under the table.

    Heard a very odd rumor... that the first run was already pre sold, under the table, to the highest selected bidders. But hey, Ford has the right to sell to whomever they want, for what they want, but..... Hmmmm. Just a rumor of course and would never be confirmed or denied by anyone...
  11. Roadtrip

    Look what the Cat dragged in...

    Just picked her up 4 days ago...
  12. Roadtrip

    2016 FGT article I ran across today in Design FAX

    This magazine did a write-up on an in house project my company completed back in May. They sent me an email to review it today, there was a link to a few other articles, one of which was for the new 2016 FGT. Seems pretty boiler plate until about 3/4's of the way thru in which they discuss the...
  13. Roadtrip

    Where's the gas cap?

    I've been staring at every available picture sitting in my garage, thinking how aged my GT looks looks now (I will keep it forever, even if I buy the new one), I love the similarities of my '06 to the original MKII. But, while comparing the very few similarities between the '06 and the '16 it...
  14. Roadtrip

    Recommendations for removing side stripes?

    I'd like to remove my side stripes. Has anyone had experience with this? Can I just use a heat gun and bug/tar remover? Thanks, Mike
  15. Roadtrip

    I'm starting to wonder if it will be a front engined car, like the GR1 concept.

    I'm starting to think its not going to be a mid-engined GT40 "like" car after all... But in fact a front engined Gran Turismo long distance vehicle, especially if its running the twin turbo 6 cylinder Eco boost. They could easily be hiding a new front engined car under Mustang camouflage. Any...
  16. Roadtrip

    Weird... Just received a FORD Motor Co. Survey on my '06 Ford GT

    This is the first time I've received a survey (that i can remember) from Ford about my GT. The first question was whether I still owned it. Seriously caught me off guard... hmmmm.... It definitely has my wheels turning, in a good way. :biggrin
  17. Roadtrip

    Anyone else enjoying theirs in IL

    For 2 weeks straight I was able to bang around town. The weather was pretty sweet... :thumbsup Anyone else in IL uncovering and blowin out the exhaust?
  18. Roadtrip

    Ford GT CAD DATA

    Does anyone here have access to the original Ford GT CAD Data? I was thinking of making a 1/4 scale model of one on our Rapid Prototyping equipment. Of course I would sign any NDA's, if it were available. Thanks, Mike
  19. Roadtrip

    Driving in the rain

    I think I'll try and avoid driving in the rain (unless I just get caught in it unexpectedly). Mainly because I'm OCD and far to lazy (a dangerous combination) to clean the engine compartment afterwards. But after looking in the engine bay I noticed that it's pretty well sealed off and...
  20. Roadtrip

    New Owner

    Well it's official. I had sent a deposit on Saturday and was going to have it shipped from West Virginia to Chicago later this week. The owner of the dealer (an awesome guy with a great & honest staff) was harrassing me about a roadtrip so....... I hopped a redeye Tuesday night with a buddy of...