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  1. hollywoodstunts

    Locked out!!!!!!

    "What's behind you, doesn't matter." The Gumball Rally
  2. hollywoodstunts

    PPI for a Carrera GT in the Houston area

    I was told there was a recall and it required the engine-out service. Is that not accurate?
  3. hollywoodstunts

    PPI for a Carrera GT in the Houston area

    Thanks for the great responses. It's black on terra-cotta with 3059 miles. Clutch measurement is 29.5mm. From what I understand, a new clutch is 33 and replacement time is 27mm. It has the complete luggage set, minus the briefcase. Engine out service completed. Cosmetically it's shockingly...
  4. hollywoodstunts

    PPI for a Carrera GT in the Houston area

    Any suggestions for someone that could do a PPI on a Carrera GT? I found one and we've agreed on a price, just need to verify it's the car that it seems to be. I missed Mitty's CGT, but if anyone knows anyone considering selling, please have them contact me. A FGT and a CGT. There are a lot of...
  5. hollywoodstunts

    Congratulations shelbyelite!

    Wow, so cool. That's what life's about. Kids and Ford GT's! Congrats.
  6. hollywoodstunts

    SoCal GT Run

    The faster the better, er, um, the sooner the better. I'm in! Running with a bunch of GT's is a blast.
  7. hollywoodstunts

    GT - Ten Years Young

    My side stripes and Ford logo are still in place and I constantly get asked,"What kind of car is that?" When I tell them it's a Ford, half say,"Noooooo, that's impossible." :confused
  8. hollywoodstunts

    Happy Birthday, hollywoodstunts !

    Thanks Ed! Stay warm in Chicago! Kevin, the week after it is!
  9. hollywoodstunts

    Happy Birthday, hollywoodstunts !

    Kevin, how about a drive for the last weekend in February? Saturday or Sunday. Matt's chomping at the bit. Are you around and available?
  10. hollywoodstunts

    Happy Birthday, hollywoodstunts !

    Thanks you guys! I was in China for the last five months shooting a "Fast and Furious" style film for the Chinese market. Was stuck drifting a car every day all over China. Oh well, you win some, you lose some, and sometimes you just have to say… That picture with my head blocked is perfect. The...
  11. hollywoodstunts

    So California Viper - Ford GT "One Day of the Condor Run" Sept 14th, 2013

    If I wasn't stuck in Beijing, China, I'd be with you guys for sure. What a killer drive! Now that I'm here, it makes living and driving in SoCal that much more amazing. Don't even ask what it's like to drive here! What is that stereotype about drivers from...
  12. hollywoodstunts

    Oh great, another gauge failure.

    Speedo started doing a tap dance as I was parking yesterday. Any suggestions? It eventually went back to zero. The grounds have been sanded since the first gauge died, and I made the switch to the Die Hard years ago. The "fix" won't come soon enough. So far it's a tach, a fuel gauge, and...
  13. hollywoodstunts

    Help For Windshield Pitting?

    Anyone know why the stock shields are so pit prone?
  14. hollywoodstunts

    Help For Windshield Pitting?

    Sounds like our windshields hold up about as well as our gauges. I just turned 12,000 miles and my windshield looks like a minefield. I remember someone saying that due to the low production numbers, the windshields are essentially "pre-production" quality. I have no idea if this is true, but I...
  15. hollywoodstunts

    Best comments made related to your GT

    This wasn't the best comment, but the most unique gesture: Yesterday, I noticed a 16 year-old as the GT caught his attention. It was awesome watching his face change as he saw the GT. He immediately began miming pleasuring himself, got in a few good strokes, threw his hands out, head back, and...
  16. hollywoodstunts

    Near Big Mistake!

    A good rule of thumb, that I failed to adhere to, is to visually inspect all areas that received work. It had been a fun, but long, day of coolant, brake and clutch fluids. Live and learn, as they say. Thanks again for the use of the lift and the garage space. It was great hanging with you, and...
  17. hollywoodstunts

    Many Parts for sale!!!!!

  18. hollywoodstunts

    Many Parts for sale!!!!!

    Wil: The last email I received from you said the vents were going out, yet I haven't received anything. Did they make it out?