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    Custom Series

    Hey, guys. Just wondering what the "Custom Series" is, exactly. I'm assuming this is the "Standard" version with most items a la carte?
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    Floorboard (Fuse Box Cover Panel) Fastener: Any Idea Where to Get Them

    During disassembly of my interior I managed to lose the fasteners to the floor board panel. They're not on any parts diagram from Ford. Has anybody replaced theirs or know where to get a set?
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    Anybody successfully repair broken HVAC AC blend door (stripped gears) or have a spare unit?

    So we had a hell of a time figuring out the blend door issue and decided to hold off ripping the dash out due to the fact we have no clue if the A/C unit would even be repairable. Has anyone actually repaired a broken unit?
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    12v Accessory ( cigarette lighter ) and Radio Head Unit not working

    Well, I'm at my wits end. This afternoon, I noticed my phone was not charging from the 12V plug in the dash. After trying several different devices and testing on another car it turns out the plug was not working. I still listened to my music with the RCA jacks. No biggie, I thought, its...
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    First Annual El Paso, TX Ford GT Owner's Club meeting

    Got together yesterday my fellow local FGT friends. Not formal, we just all happen to have FGT's and live in the same city. We had a nice cruise from El Paso, TX to Mesilla New Mexico through the farm roads and backroad highways. Mine is the blue, the others belong to the owners of SIN Vodka...
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    New to GT ownership: Midnight Blue 2006 no-stripe GT in El Paso, TX

    After many years wanting but never pulling the trigger, I picked up an '06 GT Midight Blue no-stripes up from Elite Autos. Called on a couple other cars (in my price range but not quite my favorite colors) and was referred to this car by a different seller, which also happened to be my preferred...
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    Build Dates to Avoid?

    Hello all. I am looking into buying a GT, but I was wondering if there were certain build months, or VIN ranges to avoid. A lot of GT's out there tend to have low miles and tended to be garage queens, so its not like the kinks were worked out after normal use on some. While I would love to buy a...