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    Any recommendations on a trailer dolly?

    Looking for a device to help move trailers around the warehouse without the use of a vehicle. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Max weight to handle would be 6,000 lbs. Thanks
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    For Sale: Gulf furniture for the man cave

    2 bar stools 1 side table (Glass etched with “Gulf”) 1 foot rest I purchased these years ago from a company named “Vintage60” out of England I believe. Warning...if you google them, your browser will be full of porn sites. Haha. Just a heads up there. They do have a Facebook page that...
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    Dodge Demon For Sale

    Other than sunroof, this car has all options including full graphics packageI. Also has PPF with ceramic coating. I can send detailed pictures for those interested. 1,800 miles. $107,000
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    05/06 Ford GT Seats for sale...

    05/06 Ford GT seats for sale. They came off of a 100 mile car long ago and are in mint condition. $6,750
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    RIP Niki Lauda..
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    Anybody know where I can find '69 Gulf livery decals for my Heritage?

    Mine are fading and need to be replaced. I ordered a set form Raceline Digital (GT40 MK1) and they are just a little larger than the set I currently have on my car. Would like to match what I currently have. Tried "searching" with no luck.
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    NFGT 1/4 mile run...

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    The GT is a hit...

    With the prom crowd. LOL. Parked for dinner in front of a building with a prom inside and the GT was a hit. Fun group of kids with tons of questions.
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    2009 battle between Porsche and Corvette..

    What a race!
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    Lake Charlevoix....

    (Northern Michigan) has clear water. LOL.
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    Dinner in Daytona...

    I called Anna's Trattoria's a few moments ago and they said they have availability for 25 people on Friday, January 27th at 7pm. I told them to hold it unless I told them otherwise. The place is pretty small so we would pretty much take over the whole place. If you would like to do this, let...
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    Happy Holidays.

    What a memorable year it was for the GT community. From the excitement and disappointment in Daytona, to the surreal victory at Le Mans it was quite the experience. Never would I have thought a stupid car would create so many friendships and memories for Amy and I. Thanks to all, God bless and...
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    800+ hp gt350

    Yes Please.
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    June, 2003 AutoWeek.

    Nothing you have not seen before but a friend of mine gave this to me last night. Pretty crazy what 12 years does to cars these days when comparing to the NGT.
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    Ford VR app...

    is AWESOME!
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    GT shirt

    I have 2 XL''s for the first person to claim them..
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    Go Tigers!

    My son slept extra well last night. Haha.
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    From this morning....
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    Drove by my first driver-less car yesterday....

    ....on I-94 in Michigan. A Lexus with a person in the passenger seat plus a bunch of tech garb on the roof. It is coming.....
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    GT Guys portable wheel alignment..

    Pretty slick!