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  1. wmjim

    Barnstomer Grill and Airport

    Nice photos. Looks like a beautiful day for that!
  2. wmjim

    Outcome of emergency egress

    That had to be a sick feeling pushing that door till the window shattered. But like you always say "it's just a car". Still. It's why you're the real test mule, Barry.
  3. wmjim

    Turn the dial to 11

    Thanks for sharing Ajai. Incredible!!
  4. wmjim

    Trailer Modifications for NFGT

    Yes, we use those lasers at work. I painted a line on the center of the trailer bed so I can adjust them if needed.
  5. wmjim

    Trailer Modifications for NFGT

    More photos
  6. wmjim

    Trailer Modifications for NFGT

    I realized I needed to modify my GT trailer to fit the new GT. First, I needed the base almost 3" wider, and second, because the door is further forward and hinges upward, my trailer side door had to change. I ended up with linear bearings on the roof and having the side door slide rearward...
  7. wmjim

    High school senior photo shoot

    A couple more:
  8. wmjim

    High school senior photo shoot

    A young friend asked to do his senior photo shoot with a couple of my cars. We had fun and he shared his pictures with me. These are a few.
  9. wmjim

    You race experts, I need help with Formula 1

    Yes, it can be predictable and a little boring, but the best car/driver combo should win. Please, please, PLEASE, no BOP like Ford GT had to endure!!!
  10. wmjim

    Super Cool 1966 Ford GT/Ken Miles Memorabilia

    A very rare autograph combined with an awesome photograph! What a great gift.
  11. wmjim

    Sir Sterling Moss

    I had the privilege of meeting Sterling several years ago. A superior driver in his day and an equally great person through out his life from what I've been told. If you can get your hands on it, one of the best auto-biography books for reading about the '50s racing era is "Alf Francis, Racing...
  12. wmjim

    Merkury Tip

    Definitely stunning! I agree with Mike, right up there with Blue Moon (and of course Black Tip! ;)).
  13. wmjim

    Back to South Dakota

    Lynn and I have a second home north of Scottsdale, AZ, and because of the "Ford V Ferrari" movie premier event, I brought my '05 GT. I decided to leave it here to use and enjoy for the winter. I'm pretty sure "Black Tip" enjoyed it too. It was the first time I'd had my GT here. We had fun...
  14. wmjim

    Shelby Bash 2020

    Lynn and I are going, and bringing the '05 GT.
  15. wmjim

    Attention AZ GT Owners - Concours in the Hills - Feb 8, 2020

    I spotted my old '63 E-type Jaguar that I sold years ago to this guy in California. He recently moved to AZ and brought it to the show. It was fun meeting him for the first time!
  16. wmjim

    Attention AZ GT Owners - Concours in the Hills - Feb 8, 2020

    Beautiful weather (WAY nicer than South Dakota).
  17. wmjim

    Spotted trailer

    Oops …. I might have gotten a little carried away with my graphics! :rolleyes:
  18. wmjim

    Attention AZ GT Owners - Concours in the Hills - Feb 8, 2020

    Chip, Since I have my '05 GT here this winter, After the Ford v Ferrari premiere, Lynn and I would love to attend. We went as spectators last year. It was an awesome event! Jim
  19. wmjim

    Ford v Ferrari RCR cars for sale

    A few more photos:
  20. wmjim

    Ford v Ferrari RCR cars for sale

    10 years ago I had Fran at RCR cars build this P4 replica for me. I located a 6 Weber carbed Ferrari V12 engine and mated a Porsche 930 transaxle for him to use. His aluminum monocoque chassis work is awesome. It's a beautiful car and sounds incredible at high rpm. It was about 90% completed...