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    I received my vin

    Congrats. I finalized color and options and placed my deposit last week. No VIN yet.
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    Autoblog NGT review

    I never would have guessed. Kind of impressive considering it's probably been through the some of the hardest miles of any GT. So they did the intercooler,etc. updates/upgrades as well?
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    Autoblog NGT review

    Do tell...
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    Table Top Car Show of Ford GT's on the Ford Performance Website

    That's awesome!! As a fellow nerd I also have most of those in my collection as well, lol. 😬
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    L131's Big Debut

    Congrats!!! Waiting for the call to spec mine. The reviews keep saying it's so raw, impractical, etc. so I'm glad to hear you can daily it. Man, it looks so good in black!
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    center lock wheels for the new GT

    The 05-06 was an homage and might have pulled it off but the NFGT is so forward-looking and is only like the original GT40 concept (and spirit) and thus has a truly unique and contemporary style. Definitely not a good look on the NFGT, IMO. That said, the wheels themselves are impressive and...
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    We have the Viagra that your GT so desperately needs!

    Just when mine started going bad. Order placed!
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    2019 Carbon Series mileage milestone

    Bravo!!! That's what it's all about!! I get a little sad when they come up for auction and the selling points are low/delivery miles.
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    Source for TRUNK lid gas struts?

    Are they sold as singles or pairs?
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    Time between configuring the Ford Gt and car delivery

    How much time is ECP adding to the build?
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    Secondary Market For The 2017-2018 Ford GT

    Cheapest ones so far are in the 800's counting hammer price and buyer's premium. I believe the GT will have long-term value retention, if not appreciation. Consider how unique they are due to he LeMans pedigree (only car I can think of on the market that was prioritized as a racecar then road...
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    Custom Series

    Hey, guys. Just wondering what the "Custom Series" is, exactly. I'm assuming this is the "Standard" version with most items a la carte?
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    Is There a Waiting List Procedure...

    Is the question referring to if an acquaintance or friend can pass their allocation to somebody else if they decide to not purchase?
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    L0054 delivered 2-3-20

    I wish. I'm going to be at the tail end of production.
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    L0054 delivered 2-3-20

    Congrats!! One of the better color choices I’ve seen to-date, IMO. Ok I’m a little biased cuz its one that I had on my list but you beat me to it lol
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    Call from concierge

    A this rate, I just hope the total price isn't $1M by the time my turn comes around!:eek:
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    Call from concierge

    No call but I'm not surprised. Mine is projected for Jan-July 2022. I get the feeling I was literally the last guy they picked, lol.
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    Floorboard (Fuse Box Cover Panel) Fastener: Any Idea Where to Get Them

    Yeah, it looks like it comes with the fasteners but I only need the fasteners which don't appear to be sold seperately. Any ideas on the size, etc. ?
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    Floorboard (Fuse Box Cover Panel) Fastener: Any Idea Where to Get Them

    During disassembly of my interior I managed to lose the fasteners to the floor board panel. They're not on any parts diagram from Ford. Has anybody replaced theirs or know where to get a set?
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    Anybody successfully repair broken HVAC AC blend door (stripped gears) or have a spare unit?

    We tried that route. Let’s just say they weren’t keen...