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  1. junior

    Cars Meet- Huntington Beach CA

    Supercars by The Sea event this Saturday 4/20/19. Magnolia and Pacific Coast Hwy in Huntington Beach (21601 Pacific Coast Hwy, Huntington Beach, CA 92646), Beach side parking, entry fee is $15 and starts at 7:00AM. If anyone is interested in forming a FGT caravan to the meet, respond here and...
  2. junior

    Benadryl Anyone

    The new Supra went to surgery and developed a serious inflammatory allergic reaction to the anesthetic, where's the Benadryl? Holy Hideous Batman:
  3. junior

    Air bag canisters replaced today

    Several threads already, one more for your quick reference on the whole kit and caboodle. Today, canisters on 2 GTs were replaced via a house call by the local dealer, two (2) techs came over. Few notes and pictures: Battery does not have to be disconnected. No way you can remove the passenger...
  4. junior

    Bendpak RJ-45 Jack Pin

    Scary sounding pop while the GT was on the lift jack, searched for the cause and everything seemed O.K, after closer examination found a broken jack pin bearing sleeve (ball bearings everywhere inside the HD-9 lift rails. Part is on back order form Bendpak, anyone have a spare I may purchase or...
  5. junior

    Deltran Battery Tender

    The existing one went kaput after 10 years, ordered a new one and now this on the package :facepalm:
  6. junior

    GT350-GT500 advertisement

    Ran across this ad in one of my archived magazines:
  7. junior

    Help with Ford Waranty

    Can't get anywhere with a legitimate warranty claim I submitted to th elocal Ford dealer on my Focus ST- My headliner delaminated where it meets the front windshield (the whole length). Local Ford dealer will not honnor the claim without an OK from Ford Warranty people (but agrees it's a...
  8. junior

    Cali smog and current smog atation software

    With the new Cali smog software, smog station tech can no longer manually defeat "monitor" functions. I've used (so did other forum members) a smog outfit in Huntington Beach and we passed with flying colors in the past (stock, Pulley/tuned and Whippled cars). I recently recommended the same...
  9. junior

    Place your orders !

    Order and pricing info on the GT350 and the GT350R are up on Ford's website: :cheers
  10. junior

    Another 20 millions cars recalled Takata Airbag

    May 19, 2015: This Takata airbag recall expanded to include an additional 20 millions cars, tally hovers around 34 millions now. To find out if the expanded recall includes any of your cars, click on the link below and towards the bottom left "VIN Lookup"-...
  11. junior

    Ctek chargers/floaters

    My Deltran battery Tender Plus is on its last leg, Wanted to try something different this time around. I went to the CTEK website to make a selection and now my head hurts. Which CTEk charger is best suited for the FGT, still on the OEM Optima battery which I suspect its going to need...
  12. junior

    Focus RS Debut

    Anyone can provide any tidbits on the Focus RS USA debut, specs, etc... ?
  13. junior

    HD-9 Bendpak

    Anyone with a 4 post Bendpak HD-9 parking the FGT on it ? What runway settings you have it on (narrow or wide) ? Anyone in So Cal I can have a look at their lift ? Thanks.
  14. junior

    Autometer Replacement Gauges

    Has anyone purchased the new gauges from Autometer ? If so, could you please comment-(fit, finish, noise, colors, price etc...), thanks.
  15. junior

    Interesting interview

    Good interview, but I kept getting distracted by the car in the back ground :biggrin
  16. junior

    HD9 Bendpak lift Motor Amperes

    Anyone with the HD9 Bendpak 4 post lift can check the motor nameplate and post the Amperes value please ? (Looking for the corresponding Amperage for a 220V supply- haven't ordered the lift yet but running wires this week end)- Bendpak's web site lists only Volts, Phase and Freq, and their...
  17. junior

    Talk about skills
  18. junior

    Country club for cars-good idea ?

    Sorry if a re-post,AAAACC6OgzE~,L0bTvfk9n161rxAUbRKUHVmDGRBSHx-N&bctid=958137284001
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    Remarkable racer
  20. junior

    Mesh Material Availability

    Where can I purchase the same mesh materials that is used inside the side scoops ?