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  1. 360vue

    New Clutch, Pulley/Tune upgrade kit, new gauges, speed sensor plus more!!!

    Let me start out by saying Kendall from COOl TECH... THANK YOU SO MUCH! if you look at my previous post I had been having some problems and frustration with my 2006 Ford GT. Now in my humbled opinion we are all guilty of looking for the best bang for are buck and I’m no exception! I’m in the...
  2. 360vue

    new 2006 FORD GT owner.... having problems with car please help!

    Hi everyone.... in the last 3 months I have had some problems with the car. first check engine light came on, so I took it to one of my mechanics that work for my car dealership ( he does not specialize in this car but has been a master tech for 15 years) he found a passenger VALVE COVER LEAK &...