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    Wall Mounted GT Model

    Hello, soes anyone want to sell a FGT wall model or know where they can be bought new?
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    Rally 1 detroit date ?

    Hello, when is rally 1 ?
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    valve cover tarnish

    can anyone tell me how to correct the tarnish on the valve cover where it says powerd by ford?
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    FGT sells T bARRETT

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    Ford gt cap/hat?

    Does anyone know if a FORD GT hat/CAP is sold that has the line image of a FGT?
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    Ford GT wall Model

    does anyone know the cost and where to buy the ford gt 1/2 car wall model?
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    Back up (wireless) Camera - Sam's Club

    Has anyone tried the $79.00 wireless back up camera in the FGT that Sam's Club has for sale?
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    Florida GT "India" or sounds like India?

    Does anyone know of a firm that does FGT upgrades in or around Palm Beach going by the name and India ? or sounds like same. They have added the Upgraded Ford Exhaust, Pulley's etc to a 06' I have made an offer on and I wanted to know if they do good work?
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    GT expert - Kingman AZ

    Hello, I met a former FORD GT employee in Scottsdale a few weeks ago that does inspections on GT's can anyone refer me to his phone ? I had it and lost it, Martin
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    "Speed Yellow" 06' Ford GT vs. Std Colors

    Hello, does the Speed Yellow color vs one of the standard 4 colors make a difference in the car value?
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    Roush Package

    Hello, I'm looking to buy and 06' GT and the seller says it has a "roush package" and is now 700HP? Does this sound right and what would the package have cost? pro's and con's?
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    Wanted to buy 06' Ford GT

    I'm in MD and want to buy a low mile ford gt, in either black, dark blue or tungsten, with all 4 options.