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  1. bmoullet

    GT Hang Tags

    Looking for a set of three hang tags that originally came with the GT when delivered new. They were originally hung on the rear view mirror and shifter lever. I’m missing the smaller two tags and would like them for car shows. PM me if you have a set you want to sell.
  2. bmoullet

    Field Trip to GT Central

    Let me preface my comments by stating that this may sound like a paid commercial but it isn't and I am sincere in what I am about to say. So being retired, I am always looking for something fun and unusual to do (some call it old and boring). I have been doing business with Elite Autos and...
  3. bmoullet

    Window Sticker and Certificate

    I was looking thru Ford GT paperwork today from previous cars that I have owned and came across a few interesting items. I have two sets of window stickers and Ford certificates of authenticity for two GTs which I bought new back in 2006/2007. If you own one of these cars, please let me know...
  4. bmoullet

    Wild Pricing

    GT prices continue to go into the Stratosphere. From the $412,000 paid recently for the Heritage to the Blue 170 mile car currently on ebay which is priced at $369,000. A yellow 1500 mile GT recently sold for $300,000 on the West Coast. I think I will continue to sit on my low mile Heritage a...
  5. bmoullet

    Heritage Numbers

    As many of you know, Ford is asking $1800 per set for the Heritage number sets. I am working with a local company to reproduce the numbers. We have located the exact 3M material used and are working to duplicate the font size for the numbers. The cost is shaping up to be about $360 per set (3...
  6. bmoullet

    Heritage 1658 Arrives

    Greetings and Happy Holidays to all. Exotic transport dropped off my Christmas present on Saturday, a brand new Heritage #1658 with 36 miles on the clock. I purchased the car new from Ford of Montebello in California. It was sitting on their showroom floor for what seems like forever. The dealer...
  7. bmoullet

    Heritage help

    Is anyone located in the area of Montebello, California? I have a deposit down on a new Heritage located at the Ford dealership in Montebello, CA. The car is still under MSO with 36 miles on it. It should be fine but I want to make sure that the car really appears as new and that it has all the...
  8. bmoullet

    2006 Heritage Edition - 1.8 miles

    2006 Heritage Edition still in the wrapper with 1.8 miles. All options including the McIntosch stereo, BBS Wheels and Red Painted Calipers. Plastic still on the seats, all tags and wrappings are still on the car as delivered. Unlike other GTs listed as new but with several hundred miles, this...
  9. bmoullet

    WTB - 2005 or 2006 new Blue/White GT

    Does anyone have any leads on a new '05 or '06 Blue/White stripe GT. Traded mine on a Ferrari a while back and I would like to get another one to replace it. Seems like the blue is tough to find. I would consider a used one if it had less than 500 miles and was original owner. Thanks for your help.
  10. bmoullet

    2006 Heritage Edition at MSRP

    My relative is a sales rep. at a dealership in Wisconsin. They just received an allocation for a Heritage Edition. The dealer is small and wants to sell car at MSRP. I doubt if they will accept allocation if a buyer doesn't step forward since the dealer is small and doesn't want to sit on the...
  11. bmoullet

    Placing Numbers on Heritage Edition

    Does anyone out there have any experience with placing the numbers on the Heritage Edition. I put the front and rear numbers on this evening (#6) and followed the directions to the letter. Getting the numbers lined up was a breeze but getting all the air bubbles out under the stickers seems to...