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  1. DoctorV8

    My new 'Bird.

    Found this gem near Toronto. Rare 35th anniversary super coupe with a 5 speed, with 13000 original km.
  2. DoctorV8

    Senna pics...

  3. DoctorV8

    Pics from CoTA 2/22 weekend

  4. DoctorV8

    Getting a Pista this week...

    I was lucky to stumble into this car that became available at the last moment. Really looking forward to getting some miles on it as soon as the clear bra is done. Nero metallic, every matte CF option known to mankind, even the engine bay....
  5. DoctorV8

    New GT reviewed by Matt Farah
  6. DoctorV8

    Senna deep dive

    Not a looker by any means, but it's certainly gonna be brutal on track.
  7. DoctorV8

    First 4 days in the 720S: From the interstate to COTA and back.

    Hey everyone, I was lucky enough to take delivery of the first McLaren 720S Launch Edition in the US last Fri. After Xpel was done, I drove it to Austin with Scuderia Society to break it in, and then proceeded to burn through 4 tanks of gas at COTA in 100+ deg temps on Saturday. Hit 650 miles...
  8. DoctorV8

    First glimpse of the GT's next competitor...
  9. DoctorV8

    Prophetic Raj Nair interview from 2012

    Interesting to think about visions of the New GT that might have been in Raj's head back then as he talks about "adding lightness"....
  10. DoctorV8

    Rambling discussion about GT app....

    If you have time to kill........
  11. DoctorV8

    1:18 scale model
  12. DoctorV8

    July 2016 Hot Rod Magazine article

  13. DoctorV8

    FGT on Autoline After Hours

    Great video of the design of the new GT with Craig Metros:
  14. DoctorV8

    Ford unveils new Lamborghini!!

    Well, in the absence of any real new info today, at least here's a chuckleworthy post:
  15. DoctorV8

    TTAC article with new FGT "info"

    This article was posted on 10/6: Which was basically full of misinformation about the GT replacement. Now, a semi-retraction...
  16. DoctorV8

    Houston area meet/dyno at Sterling McCall Ford Fri 12/5

    Hey GT will be on display at Sterling McCall Ford next Fri night for their 2015 Mustang launch event. They will have a chassis dyno, DJ, Korean Fusion food truck (!), etc. Same place where we hade the FGT meet a few years back. Hope to see some of you there. 7pm-10pm on 12/5. Come...
  17. DoctorV8

    Takata airbag recall

    According to this article, it'll be affecting all our GTs..........
  18. DoctorV8

    Torrie works his magic on my 2013 GT500......

    + 42 rwhp/47 ft lbs, car is otherwise bone stock!
  19. DoctorV8

    FGT article coverage on TTAC

    Of course the GT looks better than the GTR1. Does anyone disagree? ;-)
  20. DoctorV8

    Mustang "Mach 40"

    This is possibly the most amazing custom build I've ever seen..... Lot of FGT influence, but does anyone know any more details on the build?