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    Pulley and crank pulley size

    Anyone know the alternator pulley and crank pulley size for the 6-rib? I assume when I did my Whipple 4.0 upgrade that didn't change the speed of the 6 rib? I heard the alt pulley is 59mm...
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    Diagnostic codes and car won't run

    Hi All, Yesterday, at the car wash, the car wouldn't start after being washed and when I was able to keep her running, once in a few starts, she would run very rough and spew a ton of black smoke Codes I get are: P0720 P0068 P2196 P2198 Wondering if it could be the MAF, or the voltage...
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    4th blown alternator

    My alternator blew for the 4th time in 2 months, last 2 times in the dyno during a pull. We've changed it and even done a rebuild 2x. 1st time we changed it we noticed the bearings were shot, which was on the OEM alternator I got last year, but the last 3 didn't have that issue. There are no...
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    OEM Wiper blade replacement

    I got a pair of Michelin 24" blades, but realize that they don't have the airfoils on them, nor is there any way to mount them on there. What have you all been doing to replace them? I can't seem to find them at Ford... Does it matter much?
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    3rd Alternator, same results

    Changed my alternator as the original one was making some noise and voltage was irregular. I could see fluctuations in the lighting in the car, so figured it was time. We ordered an OEM unit and installed it, but it ended up at 14.8-15.3 volts charging. Ordered a rebuilt and installed that...
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    L'il ole photo shoot!

    Did a photoshoot with a photog who's building his book...and I think he did an absolute beautiful job! He took a good 1000 shots in 2 1/2 hours...and these are a few of them. Tried to get him to shoot the rest of my stable, but we ran out of time, and light - LOL Photoshoot by Shaun...
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    Headlight adjustment - horizontal

    Anyone ever figure out whether there is any kind of horizontal adjustment on the headlights? I've adjusted the height, but my passenger side headlight is aimed a bit too much to the left, and the two lights converge at about 70 feet, so I'm not getting enough light on my right side... I can't...
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    2019 Ordering open?

    I have been getting this on my Google feed for days now, but can't find it anywhere online, that the 2019 NFGT application is now open? Is that BS or is it just premature?
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    Mac Radio Question

    I want to have the ability to use Bluetooth to stream audio through my Mac radio, and use handsfree for phone calls. At present, I use a noise cancelling headset to make / receive calls, but it's useless for streaming. Also, it's a pain to wear it. There is an Aux input on the Mac. Without...
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    Who's white NFGT was that at Lamborghini Broward on Saturday?

    It's a stunner! 1st time seeing it live and I gotta say, pics just don't do that car justice. It looked about a lane and half wide too! ;)
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    No NFGT but I got this!

    Try as I may, Ford just didn't pick me - so I was forced to get this instead...she's fast, furious, wild and just a blast to drive! She's already much quicker than my 2005 1050 HP FGT...amazing what 12 years of technology and automatic transmissions will do to cars. :biggrin Just ordered a...
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    Wheel spacers

    Hi All, I have ADV1 10.1's all around - did them 5-6 years ago with wider rubber (Michelin 345/30/20 in the rear and 275/35/19 in the front), IIRC. The ADV's have a lower negative offset as well, so I got the wheels/ tires to push out a bit closer to get more flush with the top of the wheel...
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    Here's what had to say.. Andy made the news! ROTFLMAO!
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    Boost line to use for Speedhut Boost gauge?

    Just installed the new cluster from Speedhut and the boost gauge isn't working. It's a legacy (0-30 PSI) boost gauge with sensor. I get zero at all times. I'm wondering if I used the wrong line for this connection? This is where I tapped into.. Should I have tapped here instead? Am I...
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    Got to drive a Huracan yesterday

    What a surprise too. The car is brutally quick, in fact as quick as my 200 RWHP Kawasaki ZX14 Ninja off the line; I just couldn't believe it! I had her out for a good 30 minutes. This thing is a marvel of technology and car. Handling was to die for, braking and straight out balls to the...
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    Clarkson gone from Too Gear!

    Clarkson gone from Top Gear! They finally fired that bufoon's ass!!!! :biggrin
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    Just bought a 2015 911 Turbo S

    Am in the process of designing the actual build, with a June delivery. I was planning to go black on black with yellow gauges and yellow belts seat belts. Any of you P car owners have any thoughts as to what other options I should consider? I hate sunroofs and don't want one, but am being...
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    There were actually 6 options?

    Is this correct? The Gurney bubble and the bumper delete were actually factory options? Am I missing something here? Wouldn't that make this the rarest FGT in the world...
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    Is Tungsten the new Black?

    Seems so! This GT is advertised as Black/black...yet it's Tungsten?
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    2006 Aston Martin Vantage Ford GT on E-bay!

    This looks like a great deal for a 2006 Ford GT Aston Martin Vantage!!!! It must be the only one in the world like this...