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  1. BM SoCal

    Clunk behind passenger seat over bumps

    Getting a loud clunk when driving over a bump (right side) at any speed above say 15mph. Had my daughter listen for it, she said it seemed to be located behind her seat on the left side. I just had the rear passenger side shock replaced (leaking) so it shouldn’t be that. Anyone hazard a guess...
  2. BM SoCal

    Remember the good old days?

    FGT's posted for sale frequently, even multiple times per week. Other cool Fords or other cars for sale. Used to love checking out this part of the forum. Now... crickets.
  3. BM SoCal

    Wanted to buy inexpensive safe car for daughter

    Wife thinks she has unrealistic expectations and needs to come down a notch. Automatic, safe, reliable, under 12k. PM if you have something sitting around in So Cal or Vegas. I know all members on this site would likely have cared for their vehicles and I know a lot of you have a bunch of rides.
  4. BM SoCal

    Original GT Design

    So I was catching up with a friend in Colorado (via California and originally Michigan), he's always been into cars as was his brother (an artist and Dad. We're talking cars and of course I mention the GT. He says I have a photo to send you, attached is what he forwarded to me. Apparently his...
  5. BM SoCal

    For Sale - 2011 CTS-V Coupe

    Black on black, 6 speed. All options (except the shiny wheels) + full tint. Absolutely perfect 5k miles, 58k OBO. Msrp was 71k+ Just don't drive it enough and have too many (I know, no such thing) cars. California registration good till December.