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  1. BM SoCal

    2021 Chip's Ford GT Cathy Rankin Calendar

    Stunner, I’ll check it out.
  2. BM SoCal

    Ford GT Hot Buttons Accessory - Aluminum Seat Inserts - In Stock!

    Do you happen to know how many sets you’ve sold? Just curious. Every GT should have them IMO
  3. BM SoCal

    License plate for when people ask, "What is it?"

    Tested this on a few friends and they got it easily. The “O” is a zero and does double duty. Half space used before the GT.
  4. BM SoCal

    A car guy in the driver’s seat at Ford

    When I purchased my car I was told he was the seller (consignment). Glad he gave it up!
  5. BM SoCal

    Nylon push-in pins in front of trunk liner?

    Just went with those and installed by Kendall. Well by Ryan but Kendall was there. Love the new set and they were expertly installed in one hour
  6. BM SoCal

    Nylon push-in pins in front of trunk liner?

    Glad they worked out and like your tungsten no stripe. Same as mine. If anyone needs one new shock I have one in storage at Kendall’s place
  7. BM SoCal

    Nylon push-in pins in front of trunk liner?

    If you find any of the new shocks don’t work I do have one brand new available as I didn’t install it. Picked up from Galpin last month
  8. BM SoCal

    Nylon push-in pins in front of trunk liner?

    Are you getting NOS Ford shocks or upgrading to aftermarket? I had a rear shock leak and the new Ford was frozen, that sure made for a bad ride. Kendall and Ryan just installed new Ahlman shocks for me and I love them. Rebuildable in the future if needed too
  9. BM SoCal

    Ford GT's Getting Flagged by CARB!

    I was in the same boat and was pulled over while driving the cycle for reset. Showed the officer I’d paid the reg and explained my battery had gone dead thus I had to drive it out. He understood and as my insurance and DL were valid he wished me a good day and that he liked my car. You can also...
  10. BM SoCal

    Ford GT's Getting Flagged by CARB!

    Right, 4 constant speeds between 25 and 45 mph. Doesn’t say for how long you maintain them and it’s HARD to go so slowly! I found some local streets at 730am weekends was good, drove a circuit with right turns only so I didn’t get stuck at lights.
  11. BM SoCal

    WTB billet seat inserts, either yours or somebody else's, used or new

    May as well order the billet pieces for the clam shell (side and top) while you’re at it. They’re so nice
  12. BM SoCal

    Updates on your 2005-2006 Ford GT, What have you done lately?

    Kendall and Ryan worked to get my tips just right, they do have the OCD And I love it. I’m looking forward to my shock upgrade!
  13. BM SoCal

    Looking for Tungsten FGT

    2. The bezel is the round aluminum piece around the shifter. 3. Hot buttons are the Round aluminum Buttons pressed into the seats to more closely resemble the 60’s GT40 4. Two trapezoidal aluminum inserts in the headrest area. Compare with a stock GT and you’ll see it all. All easily removes...
  14. BM SoCal

    Looking for Tungsten FGT

    Ad and “Dealer notes“ for the Cammisa car don’t even mention that it has a Whipple (where’s the original S.C.?). Likely aftermarket exhaust. Has the short shifter and aluminum bezel, hot buttons and headrest pass through aluminum replacement. I like those interior additions. But clearly they...
  15. BM SoCal

    New GT Special edition?? Maybe!

    That transition in the video from the old car to the new car just stunned me. So cool, bravo!
  16. BM SoCal

    Heads-up on OEM Shock Replacements

    Looking forward to driving on your product! Kendall speaks very highly and of course lots of positive reviews here.
  17. BM SoCal

    Newest Blipshift shirt is posted. GT40 & very cool!!

    I like it, ordered.
  18. BM SoCal

    Heads-up on OEM Shock Replacements

    So that was my car that Kendall referenced in this thread, couple things... It’s incredible what a difference one shock can make on the car. Luckily Kendall and Ryan had a used one they’d kept and put it on temporarily. Drive up (60 miles +) to their place was awful in stretches. The way back...
  19. BM SoCal

    Pulley / Tuner kits in stock $ 999

    Another happy customer here, Torrie‘s tune is great and he was a huge help getting my car ready for a smog check. Super responsive as others have said.