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  1. steved57

    What would you be looking to buy next?

    Really Chip ? I've considered one for years so would like to hear your thoughts
  2. steved57

    2006 Ford GT Oilpump and Serpentine Belts

    Kind of of already mentioned but we have some of the best folks on here happily giving great info / instructions etc.... on this forum
  3. steved57

    My first post is one of gratitude

    Congrats on your car and welcome to a great forum / people
  4. steved57

    New Raptor V8?

    I've had two Raptors and really like them and if they produce them with high hp V8 I'll be one of the first ones in line to get one
  5. steved57

    Car Cover

    Can you get cover on / off easily over the mirrors ? I bought a California Car Cover and it's nice however I tore the stitching getting it on / off the mirrors Not sure why it has to be so tight
  6. steved57

    Turn the dial to 11

    That's some damn good lap times for Sanjay and yours not bad either but I'm sure there's lots of room to improve as you mentioned driving on the safe side which I most definitely would do also
  7. steved57

    Protection for Drivers Storage Compartment

    I know I know but I was curious as I checked on one when I rec'd my new GT and it was like $2,990.00
  8. steved57

    A car guy in the driver’s seat at Ford

    That's very cool
  9. steved57

    Call me Ford - I can help with your figures!

    Same for me
  10. steved57

    Protection for Drivers Storage Compartment

    Ron Would you mind saying what you paid for the dead pedal ?
  11. steved57

    Barnstomer Grill and Airport

    Car looks fantastic Gary
  12. steved57

    Fuel Filler Fix - solution found and engineered

    Ok and Thanks - Look forward to seeing you and Roz
  13. steved57

    This Time Tomorrow - Ford Films

    Looked like him to me :)
  14. steved57

    Fuel Filler Fix - solution found and engineered

    I still need you to help me fix mine :)
  15. steved57

    New Owner- Miami,Fl

    Congrats - Quicksilvers rock !!
  16. steved57

    Turn the dial to 11

    That's ALL RACECAR that's for sure - Congrats and have fun with her !!
  17. steved57

    Favorite Interior Mod

    Not for Dr Frank as he gets a pass :)
  18. steved57

    L131's Big Debut

    Congrats Torrie - about time you showed her off :) car looks great so enjoy
  19. steved57

    2005 Midnight Blue / White Stripe GT for Sale

    Congratulations on the sale but be sure and go purchase another fun car